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    WE in low point battles is awesome!

    Hi guys!

    I recently won a tournement campaign (my first ever at that) usin my WE.

    The rules were simple. 500 pts. Each day it was a new scenario with a prize for the winner. I won 3 out of 6 days and drawed on the last one.

    What i did was finally being able to use what made WE so good in 7th. hit and run tactics combined with maneuverable shooters. Most of the battles i did not get into close combat more than one time. to wipe out the last litte unit the enemy had.

    In low point battles like those i played there i usually used a Scout kindred hero with ligh armour and shield and a hail of doom arrow. that combined with two GG units of 10 and either a dryad unit, a wardancer unit or a third glade guard unite is kiling.

    The best example of this tactic showed in a battle for the pass against Empire. The scout kindred hero (who after getting prizes for winning camapign objectives previous days had a free 50 pts. magic item (Heavy armour w/ 4+Ward save) was pretty much unkillable) shot and killed his mortar in round 1. My archers shot his flagellants (a unit of 10) into small pieces the same round, and that left his slow block of swordmen with a captain left. The captain used a fireball ring to kill my Hero, but after that i used only 3 shooting phases to kill the rest of his troops and won by round 4 with a massacre. The same thing happened against skaven, Wampire Counts and another empre dude. Against Warriors of chaos ( a large block of warriors with a mage and two spawns) I kileld the spawns and held myself outside of combat the rest of the battle to get at least a draw (the mage with flickering fire of tzeench could kill a unit or max 2). Against lizardmen ( two units of skinks a skink priest and a stegadon) i shot the skinks to pieces and just ran around avoiding the steg to get easy points.

    SImply put. WE no longer work that well in large point scales (to my experience) but in lower point battles they are almost unbeatable as you allways can pick when and where you want to fight. Your archers can run around killing as they please and hail of doom is just epic!

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    I agree that WE tend to win lower points games, especially 1k or less, which is weird because all of our units are overcosted. I think the biggest thing is that everyone will still try to take one huge unit, which really hampers them and gives us a big target to shoot down, all while out manuvering them to death. In 1k you can exactly fit a level 4 weaver too, and while it's a decent chunk of points, it's also a level 4 caster in a situation where most armies will only have a level 2-3. My 1k lists usually include a level 4 weaver, 3 5x2 units of GG, a HoDA hero and some WRs/Dryads/Dancers/WW depending on what I feel like playing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ikbuh View Post
    In 1k you can exactly fit a level 4 weaver too, and while it's a decent chunk of points, it's also a level 4 caster in a situation where most armies will only have a level 2-3.
    Most armies can take a level 4 at 1k points. But it is true that most won't.

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    i played in a tournament about 2 weeks ago. it was 1500 points and no lords. i won with my wood elves my army had 4 units of four GG and noble with HODA and 2 units of 4 tree kin... also a treeman... on the first game i ran through a high elf player by shooting their unit of sword masters to death in round 2 (unit of 25). and i double charged his unit of sea guard in the ground by double charging them with my treeman and my a unit of treekin. i also HODA his unit of 8 silver helms with prince after it killed my other unit of Treekin... so i came to the conclusion that yes WE do amazing in small point games, because we have room to move around and use our main Str. Movability. but in big games or against hoard armies we lose some of this because they simply take up to much of the board to avoid all the time. i tied one game that weekend and that was a Orks and goblin army because i simply could not move around him i had to keep moving back and got cornered. he killed 1059 points left of his army and i had 1056 points left of mine. so yea...
    What do you do if Glade Guard are sitting in some woods with a Treeman nearby? You can't do anything to the Treeman, and if you charge the Glade Guard, all kinds of Elven woodiness will get to you.

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