hey guys new WE player, soon I am going to buy all my units and begin painting and modelling, here is the thing I need to know a good effective list (at least scary I dont mind loosing but I want to cause the other player some trouble) but I am going to have a themed army (even convert non WE models and use em) - imagine extremely evil WE spirits

here is the thing I am going to post the units I like (rule wise story wise and model wise) and you suggest how I should go about making an army like using mainly (preferably only them)

I am hoping of having a good 2000 point army if need be 2500.

wild rider high born on stag
(how should I equip him)

(how many and should I go magic lvl 1?)

(same as branchwraith what should I give him, maybe a standard bearer)


Eternal Guard

(maybe small units of glade guard for some fire support but not many)


3 units of wild riders
3 units of wardancer

has to be 3 units of each I want too field mainly these unit for theme of the army

rare (none unless you think I have to)

so tell me - anything tips ideas for list, how to equip and how to best use the units I am a new player so need all the advice I can get