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    Anti-Bestmen List

    Ok, I need to formulate an anti-beastman list. I am versing the Local RedShirt Manager so I would really like to beat him. By the Way the it is a 2000 point match.

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    I can actually help with this, being a Beastmen player myself, and having witnessed my friends' (mostly unsuccessful) attempts at fighting me with Wood Elves.

    First thing I'll say, and I won't mince words about this - stay the heck away from Bestigors. They will destroy you, pretty much by themselves. Blow them up with magic, throw chaff at them, run around them, whatever - just don't engage them, because they WILL kill you.

    Second thing I'll say is that "hard" monstrous infantry is the way to go - some Tree Kin and a Treeman will do some heavy lifting for you here. Toss in a Spellweaver with Lore of Life to threaten their big hordes with Dwellers and grant Regen to your squishier units of Glade Guard. Another thing is that Glade Guard are actually worth using, given that most Beastmen run around with no armor on and that your shots will thus score kills on 4's when in close range. Another thing that can help is to bring some Glade Riders to pop vulnerable targets or just give units the run-around - they won't kill anybody, but that's not what you're bringing them for (think of them as VP denial).

    Oh, and don't bring Eternal Guard - I have beat them down each and every time they are placed across the table from me. One last thing; watch out for an Ambush - one of the big ways I've given my enemies fits is by making a unit of Gors appear right next to them. You can't fight me in CC (well, you can, you'll just lose), and if I catch you in the right position, you won't have much of a choice in the matter.

    Hope that helps.
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