Hi all,

Couldnt see an exsisting wish list up for WE so was just woundering what changes and addition people wanted to see in an 8th ed army book. I have a 750pt army which hasnt been touched in at least 5 years and was hoping to pick it up again if and when 8th ed WE makes and appearance. Iv got other stuff i can be getting along with until then but unique army like WE deserves some drast changes to make them competative.

The first thing i (and i think alot of others will) want to see is points drop across the board, especialy in core. I think 9pts per archer is fair, maybe 10pts for a dryad. Now its not just cutting points for the sake of cutting points. 8th ed has be desinged to make people take vast units at 30+ strong, this is somthing you cannot manage effectively when your cheapest unit means that you are spending close to 400pts after command for one unit of dryads at 30 strong.

Next i Would like to see a new core unit to act as a fighting block (yes i know its not like the current wood elf style of play but need to addapt a little). A glade guard type unit but with a combat role even if its as mundane as a spearmen unit, or handweapon and shield. I would even be tempted to allow this to flow over to a special unit instead with some special rules and background to cover the reason they use shields etc, (treebark armour or somthing). Im not asking for a anything better than 4+ max save with the shield, would even be happy with 5+ for core, it would just be nice to be able to field a combat block without going down a forest spirit route.

The forest spirit ward, i would be very tempted to change this for a varying regen, depending on the unit. It fits better as you would expect plants to regen or grow back limbs, would still be vulnerable to fire, and as most fire attacks from units count as magical anyway would effect people taking fire units very little. What it would do however is mean that forest spirits wont be falling down from every single magical hit they take. For lord hero lvl forest spirits just introduce a Spite that grants a 4+ ward for 50pts. Thats fair enough.

Magic wise i think it would be a great boon to open up some more lores to WE mages. Keep Athel Loren lore, but make Life and Beasts open to all lvls. I wouldnt be aposed to lore of Shadow comming into play, as although it seems dark and un woodelfy at first, theres plenty of dark background and the movement of woodelves in the shadows of the forest makes it very fitting. Id have Tree singing as a free spell for all mages.

Well heres some thoughts anyway.