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    Glade Guard Tactics

    Hey guys,

    Im just wondering what the general tactics for your glade guard are. I recently played a match and quickly realized that i should not waste shots on heavily armored units as the strength of the long bow just isnt big enough to dent and wound. The other side to this is that i feel like 20 glade guard that kill 20-30 zombies isnt that great of a victory. I want to make sure they are making up there points in my army. Is the general idea that they pick off a few to make it an easier clean up job for treekin/man? What/how do you guys deploy and use your glade guard? I look forward to reading what you guys have to say.



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    I haven't played WFB for a while but I used to run them around (no move shoot penalties) shooting units then getting dryad/wardancer/treekin units to try get side flank etc. But ever since the rule changes for skirmishers/LoS (360 charge, ranking up in a formation, forests not blocking LoS wtf?) etc this doesn't really work all that good.

    Personally a new book can't come soon enough for me, to fix some of the things 8th screwed up in our army book. I like 8th but it knacked my WE!

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    I don't have a lot of experience with Wood Elves nor a lot of experience with 8th ed, but when I get a chance to play, I try to prioritize the threats my opponents are offering. I try to make the best decision I can on how to respond to those threats.

    As you have found out, shooting str 3 arrows at high armor targets can be a waste of resources, especially if they have toughness 4 or better.

    You mentioned killing zombies with Glade Guard arrows "isn't that great of a victory." Do you mean that it's not challenging, that there are better uses for your arrows, both, or something else all together?

    I would not shoot at zombies unless they were too near the Glade Guard. If a Vampire Count player is actually using zombies, I would rather the zombies and a valuable VC unit be involved in cc with a treeman or a Treekin unit. I would concentrate cc attacks on the zombies to help improve the odds of winning the combat resolution. I watched a VC player charge a small block of Saurus Warriors (about ten) with a Varghulf and a unit of zombies. I think the VC player would have won the combat if he had just used the varghulf, but enough zombies were destroyed that the VC player lost the combat resolution and subsequently lost the Varghulf.

    If I were playing that Lizardmen player with my Wood Elves, I would chose to target a unit of skink skirmishers or chameleon skinks over Saurus Warriors at long range. Not because the skinks are easier kills (that's a bonus), but because the skinks become dangerous threats well before the Saurus Warriors. The skinks can march 12" and then shoot their darts from 12" away. On the first turn, Saurus Warriors move 8" and then wait for the next turn. On the first turn, seven skinks can be killing fourteen elves.

    Also, I try not to get caught up with destroying an entire unit with Glade Guards. What I want to use them for is to reduce the effectiveness of enemy units. If I am able to kill 5 out of 7 chameleon skinks, that may be enough depending on the situation. If I take out an entire rank plus one model, that may be enough for when that unit goes hand to hand with my Treekin or Treeman. If I manage to take out one Chaos Knight in a unit of five, then I have reduced that units effectiveness. That won't stop the butchering massacre that will occur once it hits my Glade Guards, but I will have some small satisfaction that at least I got one.

    To recap, prioritize threats, determine best response, reduce enemy unit effectiveness.

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    I play mostly 4000point games.. and they are mostly against Highelves or Warriors of Chaos.. so lots of armour.. but i Still take my 25% core as all Glade Guard and I will give details why now.

    Core basically comes down to Dryads or Glade Guard - Dryads can be good but I have enough mele units else where (treekin, wardancers, Treemen and a Dragon +Storm of Magic stuff). I take 80 Glade Guard, one unit of 20 and 6 units of 10, all with a musician.

    The Glade Guard excell at the following:
    Total Annihilation of Low toughness Low Armour Troops.
    Spray and Pray at Unique Targets (i.e. 80 arrow shots vs a Bloodthirster can actually cause 2-3 wounds... even if they have 3+armour and a 5+ward)
    Killing Enemy Archer Equivalents.

    Glade Guard suck at:
    Thinning out units with good armour or high toughness+armour.
    Shooting at fulcrums IF the wizard has armour. (-2 to hit, 3+ward for anything on a fulcrum)
    Killing Hordes (goblins etc) it is not cost effective to kill a 3pt goblin with a 12 point archer.. they have SO many wounds they will still get to you. Let your Strong mele types (Treekin) Kick their ass and break them later in the game.

    The way to prioritise shooting is
    A) Move out of danger
    B ) What can i seriously hurt?
    C) What Is causing me a threat next enemy turn that I can extinguish or minimise with archers right now? (Again enemy archers, or units that might charge next round -Chaos Spawn, fast cav etc etc.)
    D) Move into 15". +1 to hit +1 Strength just OWNS, if you can do it.. do.. but if not hold your ground..let them come to you in most occasions.

    LAST Resort) Okay I have killed a lot of their weak stuff and even taken out some nice stuff like mages hiding in an archer unit 'YES I ROCK!' Oh.. but.. those Chaos Knights are actually only 7" away now and they will charge me next round oops..
    - What you do here is sacrifice. Stick the smallest unit you can right in their face... move like 2-3" directly infront of them if you can, stop their line of sight on anything else. Line them In such a way that a charge will put the enemy in an awkward situation.Then move all other units away so that when he kills the first unit, he cant follow through into anything else. Now move multiple strong emel units in, to clean up the mess afterwards, or asign some sneeky magic to deal with them in following rounds. - Work on evacuating the area of other archers if possible, spread them out so that if you cant kill the knights.. he really has to work to chase the rest of your archers.

    This buys you time and makes his expensive unit take rounds to kill a 120 point unit that has already dones its job anyway.. its why I take 6 small units of 10.

    I hope some of this helps

    - AJ -
    - Wood Elves + Orcs & Goblins since 2009 -

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    I like to take massive amount of of 5x2 units as well. At least 4 in 1000-1500, though I usually have 6 or so, though I don't put my Weaver in there. My weaver goes in my woods with a unit of Wardancers daring anyone to come fight them.
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