So I was playing my friend in a 2000 point game today, and the funniest thing happened. He called my Warhawks cheesy.

Now, let's break a few things down. First of all, he's fairly new to the game, so I guess it's expected. At the same time, however, he's playing High Elves. I'm not quite sure how or why, but he didn't understand that paying 120 points for 6 attacks and 3 stomps wasn't cheesy, let alone attractive. He had an unlucky Moral roll when I hit the side of his archers with them and caused them to break, but then I rolled 2,2,1 on my pursuit so it didn't matter anyway. Beyond that, they didn't do much beyond flying around in his back field with the eagles drawing as much fire as the they could. Their crowning achievement was that single charge, and he called them cheesy.

I don't get new players sometimes.