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Thread: Alittle extra

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    Alittle extra

    I think two army wide rules would go along way
    With out being over powered.

    1) A -1 to hit us in HtH and shooting. Call it woodland
    Grace and camo or something. This I feel would help
    With or lack of saves and would fit better than regen.

    2) Armor Piecing on all HtH and shooting. Call it keen
    Eyed and sharp clawed or something. This would help
    Us keep up the kills we need to stay in the game and
    Help with more heavy troops. (str 4 GG bow with AP)
    + I would love the eagle to have AP.

    3) make all ward saves perm and 5+ at least. I don't
    Think we need regen as it does not sack with WArd saves.

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    Personally I think that as you've said them they are bit too powerful. They are elves just the same as high elves who have a lack of toughness and saves anyway. What you suggest is the equivalent of putting two marks on a chaos warrior unit and adding a banner. So well over 100 points per unit. Now the +1 strength they get now for shooting is good make that armour piercing and 90% of armies get no save which is very overpowered. Simply make the bow wielding troops cheaper and they are better.

    A +1 or 6+ ward or something if hiding in woods would work and be fluffy. Also it would be situational and therefore not overpowered.
    Any bonuses to hand to hand about hitting or being hit have no place in a woodelf army they should get elven stats but they aren't amazing combat troops they move around and shoot lots. They should be weak in combat there is no way making a woodelf as good as a nurgle chaos warrior would be anything other than overpowered.


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