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    Woodland Ambush usage

    With the 8th edition rules that forests no longer block line of sight, that they are mysterious, and with the Wood Elf Army book FAQ stating that the woods must be placed within the Wood Elf deployment area, is Woodland Ambush special rule used that much? If so, how is it used?

    I have found that it is more of a nuisance for me rather than for my opponent. What are your experiences with using it? How does a Wood Elf player use the Woodland Ambush rule to gain an advantage?


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    I place mine tactically.

    That went without saying, but I will elaborate =P

    When I place my forest, I take a good hard look at the board and ask myself one question: Where would this be the most disruptive? It is the very last piece of terrain to go down, which means you and your opponent have already rolled your dice and taken turns dropping terrain. While you are doing this, keep your 6" forest in mind knowing you could potentially have either side of the board. I like to create obvious places big blocks of infantry would like to fight and then clog my side with my forest. Even with the penalties, which honestly aren't that bad for us because we ignore at least half of them (see below), we want our units to fight in woods. Why? Because your opponent loses steadfast. Personally, I love my woods and it always finds a use in every battle because I make it work for me.

    Now, here are the penalties associated with being in woods:

    All Woods:
    Cavalry/chariots/monstrous cavalry take dangerous terrain tests if they do anything but walk through woods. Our army has Forest Strider so we don't care.
    Units with majority of models inside lose Steadfast (unless stubborn) and Skirmishers gain Stubborn - Good for us. Seldom do we have more than 2 ranks fighting anyway and we have many skirmishers
    Soft Cover (-1) for shooting through woods, unless you are inside said woods - Great! Keeps our guys alive

    Abyssal Woods:
    Units inside cause Fear - I see no downside to this

    Blood Forest:
    Spell is cast on or at model in a blood forest cause the forest to dead d6 S4 hits to all units inside, then scatters 2d6" - Legitimately bad unless you force your opponent to walk through it or route around it. Note that Treesinging does NOT trigger this effect because you are targeting the woods, not the models inside. The Direct Damage spells does.

    Fungus Forest:
    Units inside are stupid. Goblins are Stubborn - Bad for us, but Ld is generally a joke in 8th edition, so it's not that bad

    Venom Thicket:
    Poisoned CC attacks and all models take dangerous terrain tests moving through it - There are no penalties for us. We gain poisoned CC attacks and ignore Dangerous Terrain by forests

    Wild Wood:
    On a 4+ units inside take a d6 S4 hits at the end of the movement phase - Similar to blood forest. Legit bad if we're inside of it, but we can use it to our advantage, especially if we have treesinging

    All in all, it's not that bad.
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