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Thread: House Rules

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    House Rules

    As house rules we have developed some small but fluffy (at least we think so) rules, that give wood elves a small advantage, especially in forested areas.

    Whenever a Wood Elf unit is in a forest, the forest's rules do not apply. Neither disadvantages nor advantages towards Wood Elves. You don't roll for a forest if a Wood Elf unit enters it, only when other units enter it.

    Wood Elf Archery
    Whenever a Wood Elf unit shoots through a forest, they do not get a -1 modifier as usual, rather they shoot as normal.

    These two rules are the ones we use right now. Please comment if you have any bright ideas or the like, we might try to playtest them.

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    I want to see what sort of a difference giving Glade guard Longbows as an Army wide rule actually makes. It's sad that my group would probably not let me try it out.

    Scouts with S4 shots? Hell Yes!
    Glade Riders with S4 Shots? Might make them at least usable!
    War Hawks with S4 Shots? /Drool
    Way Watchers with BS 5, S4, AND Killing Blow? Makes them more reliable with shooting so they're not just WM/Char hunters.

    I don't think it would be very game breaking either. It would help is what it would do.
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    The following are house rules that I would like our group to play test.

    If there is a Wood Elf player then one of the D6+4 pieces of terrain has to be a forest with a maximum radius of six inches.

    All Wood Elf models within eight inches of a forest edge receives a 6+ stackable ward save
    Fluff: They feel the presence of the forest spirit, therefor they are more confident and perform better. Once outside this range, they cannot feel the forest, therefor become nervously anxious and perform poorer.

    All Wood Elf models within eight inches of a forest edge reduces one and only one negative leadership modifier by one. This does not increase the leadership modifier. This simply means that they are less impressed by the enemy unit having a banner or having an additional rank or whatever -1 leadership modifier would normally apply. If there are no negative leadership modifiers, then this rule does not apply.
    Fluff: Same as the above for the most part, but rather than feeling more confident, they simply are less impressed by the enemy.

    Justification for these rule: Other than land features such as cliff sides, rivers, lakes, etc. causing it, forests and woods do not simply stop and have a clean, neat dividing line between forest and non-forest. They tend to naturally thin out. This 8 inch extended area reflects this. The forest terrain piece represents the densest and wildest part of that forest. The part of the forest that few care to tread. It is thick to the point that it causes problems shooting at targets, hence the -1 shooting modifier.
    It could be argued that whenever a Wood Elf player is participating in a game that the entire table is forest but only the thickest and wildest parts are represented. The remainder of the forest has been thinned from burning, farming and other sentient beings activities to the point that it has no impact on movement, combat, shooting, etc.

    Lasso, after having read your forest strider house rule amendment, I thought of another one but it goes in the other direction.
    If a Wood Elf player is participating in the game, then a roll of "1" on the mysterious forest chart becomes a result of "Drycha's presence". Same as a result of "6".
    Fluff: A forest is a scary and dangerous place, even for Wood Elves.

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    The only house rule I ever ran with wood elves was that Spellsingers should be able to run either lore of life or beasts (don't remember which one it was...although it may have been both) - mainly for me because it makes no sense whatsoever that a wizard so in tune with a forest would find the concept of using magic connected with beasts and life forces incomprehensible - and I think the Lore of Athel Loren sucks. Unfortunately for me recently I've started to want to make 100% tip top legal lists, which even means no house rules - because when I go to a GW, no one would let me run it.

    Ahhh... I can still dream of wood elves throwing off their shitty magic lore in favour of some decent ones though

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