im new to warhammer fantasy and im thinking of starting wood elves and also i dont know the rules for this game all. well all i nkow is M is movement and pretty much the other stuff im going to start a small boarder patrol style army if i know what that is :blink:

if you dont know what that is its a small game with 1 hero choice minium of 1 core troop choice and 1 other rare or special troop choices no model must be over 125 pts
this is my planning list so far feel free to chage it if you like

hero: lvl1 mage with amber amulate and hail of doom arrows

core troops: 10 archers with a hawkeye musician and standad bearer

rare choices: 10 waywatchers with ranger

that should make about 500 pts or 30 pts less
i havnt got them yet so im just planning if you got better ideas please tell me

after i get all them i'll expand with treemen and dryads and maybee same gale guards