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Thread: which is better

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    which is better

    iv'e posted this in the high elf forum as well i have been wanting to feild a dragon for some time and i finally came up with enough cash to buy one but i don't want to buy one that is gonna suck and die on the battlefeild so i have made 4 and asking which is better,

    wood elven= naestra and arahan, lord +heroe-595

    highborn,dragon,stone of crystal mere,sword of might,enchanted sheild, light armour, lord +heroe-528

    high elven = imrik, lord + 2 heroes-675

    prince,dragon,vambrace of defense,enchanted sheild,sword of might, dragon armour, lord + heroe-533

    to avoid confusion like on he forum i am asking which is better game wise not model wise (cus naestra and arahan win hands down)

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    I prefer not to use special characters at all, they're too expensive and not really worth it. People in the wood elves forum will probably say naestra + arahan, people in the high elf forum will probably say Imrik. I don't know because I don't really know how good Imrik is and how many points he is, the same with the other characters.

    For wood elves I would reccomend a noble on a great stag or an elven steed, the great stag model doesnt look very good and the guy on top looks amazing.. You can see it if you go to the wood elf forum I think. If you really want a special character I would go for orion if I had to choose one, and have an army based around wildriders.

    You could also have a spellsinger on a unicorn with glamourweave kindred. I once used that and it was pretty cool, in a unit of wild riders, making trees move and other wood elf magic.

    If you want an army based around forest spirits then you should get a branchwraith, my favourite spites are annoyance of netlings and murder of spites.I wouldn't bother with the level 1, unless she's going to hide in woods a lot.

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