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    what to bring with me against high elves

    hey guys, im finally finishing up my army, and i have to say im very happy with the wood elves. i think there story line and there so unique you got to love them. My friends also play high elves dark elves chaos and ogre kingdoms, i dont really focus on shooting so much, but i do have archers in my army. im almost thinking about getting 16 more to have a set 2 units of 16 GG... maybee even have scouts too. but my question to you guys is. when you play with your WE... do you when the game starts not move much and let the enemy come to you and shoot the piss out of them then when they are widdled down make your move with dryads and wardanceres... i also noticed that taking scouts and waywatchers, even tho i dont have any waywatchers and im thinking bout getting some, the only reason why i would bring them is becasue the high elve bolt throwers are killer they SUCK.. let me know guys what i should do with the glade guard and movement to start the game and waywatchers.

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    How much I advance depends on the enemy. If he, too, has lots of archery or artillery then I try to close to combat pretty quickly. Otherwise, I bide my time and give the archers time to soften up the enemy.

    I'd recommend scouts over waywatchers. Playtest the waywatchers before you buy any and see if you think they're worth the hefty unit cost.
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