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    treeman in action

    hey guys,

    just wondering if anyone ever uses 2 treeman in a battle. im really considering about fieliding two. they are crazy sick in close combat and there saves are nice also. if you guys do use two, please let me know how they did and how you use them. also list the positives and negatives of bringing two treeman in a battle thanks guys

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    I wouldn't recommend using two. They cost so much, and with things like fire weapons which cause extra damage to treemen, you could be losing a lot of pts for nothing. That's what I think about them anyway, 1's enough.
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    Two can be very effective, and I've got two of the models for exactly this reason. I don't field them both very often, but they are a deadly combo.

    Like Wolfhowl says, they consume a bundle of points and, unlike an expensive spellweaver, will be right in the thick of things, making them a risk for lost VPs.

    One member of my gaming group fields a very simple list. Two treemen. Two characters. 40 archers. 8 dryads. And two units of three treekin. And he regularly beats a lot of people. Of course, he's a very experienced and capable general. Even so, his list is effective.

    I'd say run them in tandem. Opponents will think hard about taking on two of the buggers at once. If you split them up, they become easier targets. Also, when run together, their combined strangle roots attacks become really devastating.

    I ran a 3000 pt list with two treemen (no ancient) and a battle standard bearer in with Eternal Guard. That gave me three stubborn units who could all reroll any break tests. Two units on ld8 and one on ld9. And I pounded the stink of my friend's Cult of Slaneesh with the list. It's really potent, and you could do that at 2000 pts, and along with 20 archers, you'd have a nasty battle front for someone to confront.

    So I think it's viable, but the rest of your army composition will be really important.

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