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    Just starting...

    Ok, I have barly( as in today right as gw closed) decided to end my struggle to choose a fantisy army and i chose wood elves. i have not bought the codex yet-they closed the till before i could- and i am very new to the fantisy system, im coming from 40k. so i was wondering if some of you could point me in the direction that a 1000 point list should look like. if this helps, i kind of wanted something like a sentry army. thank you.


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    Well, I don't know what a sentry army is, but what style of play do you like? The Wood Elves are very mobile and shooty. They benefit from superior archery and outstanding melee units, but their numbers tend toward the small side. They seldom gain ranks and rely on large numbers of wounds to win combat via combat resolution.

    I've never played 40K, but I know a lot of people who have crossed over, one way or the other. The guys who play 40K and come to fantasy talk about how different it is. They say it's much more about maneuvering and winning combat resolution. They're used to games where every model is essentially a skirmisher, and ranked infantry are unusual. 40K-ers find themselves suddenly moving blocks of troops around, jockeying for position.

    I only know one guy who went from Fantasy to 40K. He also said the game played really differently. He's a really good Fantasy player and doesn't mind stomping your ass into the ground. He's running a Tyranid army, I think.

    Here are the basic options:
    1. All forest spirits: Dryads, Treekin, Treemen, Wild Riders, and Asrai forest-mages with the Glamourweave kindred riding elven steeds or unicorns.

    2. All Asrai: All elves, including Wild Riders.

    3. Infantry based: Eternal Guard, Treekin, Treeman with archers, Dryads, Wardancers, and/or Wild Riders for support. Noble as BSB, Spellsinger, Branchwraith; or Noble as BSB, Noble in mscl function, and Spellsinger or Branchwraith.

    4. Archery based: Archers, Scouts, Glade Riders, Warhawk Riders, Waywatchers. Noble(s) with awesome bows and/or arrows. Spellsinger and/or Branchwraith for magic phases. Dryads, Wardancers, and Wild Riders are still good for offensive phases.

    5. Blended forest spirits/Asrai and Infantry/Archery: Forget Eternal Guard unless you're playing 2000 pts, and even then you can win without them. Take Dryads and Archers as core units but avoid Glade Riders as they are unforgivingly soft targets. For special units, have your pick. I avoid Treekin and take WHRs, WDs, and WRs. I don't like WWs for different reasons and only take a Treeman if I have the points to spare.

    Treemen deserve a brief aside. If you want to use a Treeman, you should. They rule in combat. They are outright one of the nastiest creatures in the game. They cause Terror (make sure to learn the psychology rules for Fantasy--I have no idea how they differ from 40K), have incredible strength and toughness, can shoot, provide a bound spell, and have both an armor and ward save. Albeit slow, they have several attacks and are all around weapons of arboreal destruction. On the other hand, they cost a lot of points and you know what that means. One bad roll of the dice, and your Treeman goes up in smoke. Concerning army composition, the high cost prevents you from taking multiple, smaller units.

    A spellweaver makes an expensive lord who's a very powerful magic user, and if you protect him, he can deny your opponent a big chunk of points. Another exceptional lord choice is a highborn, especially when in Alter, Wardancer, or Wild Rider incarnation.

    One rule I have for myself is that I always take at least one flying unit per army.

    What I like most about the Wood Elves is that there are so many options available. You can play totally different styles of armies in numerous configurations. Just remember to be patient before engaing in combat, let your shooting phase do its work, and think about timing attacks. Fleeing can be an important tactic, but ItP forest spirits can't flee.

    I've rambled long enough. Hope there's a tad bit of help in there somewhere. Maybe give us a little more info about what you want, and you can think from there.
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    well fisrt off, welcome to the family!

    id you are just staring try to use a combined asrai/forrest army, they are a very powerful combo, and support eachother throught the game.

    if you want to go sentry like, go and take lost of skirmishers (drayds and wardancers are superb CC troops) waywachers, and Glade guard (scouts). this gives a amry with a lot of "sentry like" miodels with some diverity.

    for characters. if you go combined ALWAYS take both a forrest spirit and asrai moddel, it keeps the two halfs fluffwise together.
    take a noble, with alter or scout kindred. then take a lv1 branchwraith with cluster of radients. this gives you some goof magic defense on the 1k level.

    hope it helps and don't mind asking people or PM them. we are here to help eachother out.


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