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    Painting ANGRY wood elves!!

    Imagine the scene:
    SOC saw the bretts and woodelves come together to defend their mutual interests in land. Now, a brettonian noble is riding at the fore of his envoy, waiting to meet with the fey-folk. He nears a gentle bend in the road and...
    Whack! from nowhere an arrow smacks into his horse, which pitches him to the ground. He stuggles away from the maimed animal and looks about. All around him his men are taking arrows to the helmets, the throats. With a feral warcry a group of sinisterly clad horsemen burst effortlessly through the trees, which are already closing in for the kill themselves! As knights are wounded they are jerked into the trees, dropping seconds later with slit throats and punctured armor.
    As the noble lays bleeding from several arrow-wounds, a tall Elf dismounts his horse, "Your stench is not welcome in our forests" and with that plunges his blade into the noble's chest.

    THOSE ARE THE ELVES I WANT! Not greenclad "Robbinhood Men in Tights" knock offs. I was thinking of painting them like the dark-elf beastmaster in the armies section of the rulebook, but I don't know if would look too much like a darkelf.
    Can anyone give me ideas of what clothes you thought the elves in my scenario were wearing? Please:cry: ?

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    Check out p. 591 of the GW catalog. They give some good techniques for stippling and splattering. The picture on the lower right seems cool, very camouflage like without looking like army gear.

    And the White Dwarfs that came out with the WE releases have some good "seasons of war" paint schemes.

    And check this site out for some cool Glade Guard schemes. That first one on the first page looks pretty deadly.
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    try really dark colour, black undercoat with a lt of dark brown.

    anothe ridea get a lot of mouth caps this will help to enhance the sinister fell of your elves, combine this with a lot of hoods and the dark colours and it would look great IMO
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