The description for talismanic tattoos says "a model with talismanic tattoos gains a 6+ ward save, and has magic resistance (1)"

to me this is saying each model has magic resistance 1 therfor a unit of 6 wardancers has magic resistance 6 as there are 6 models with each model giving MR1. me and my usual opponent have both agreed on this as if you have 2 characters in the same unit both with MR(2) for example you will then have an extra 4 dspl dice for that one spell.

when we have played we have tried it as both and have found that the MR1 per model is more accurate as without it my hardest hitting units are dead before turn 3 due to magic. His word were that they are an important part of the army required for the ambush style tactics that the wood elves need.

I would still like opinions on this as i dont like to give myself an unfair advantage.

Only reason I ask is because the wood elf book is riddles with misprints and errors e.g glade guard and most characters not having hand weapons or the spear of twilight people say isnt a spear. also i have found no GW errata for the book.

Cheers for any help