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    wood elves units and there uses

    Hey there,
    I'm new to warhammer fantasy. I'm going to start a wood elf army what is focussed on darting around the board and try to deny him his march moves. When the opponents army is weakend enough my tree thingies charge.

    Now my question:
    What should I use and what are there uses on the board. So explain to me how I could use that unit in combination with the rest you suggest.

    Thank you for your time.

    Don´t mess with the dicegod

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    ok, i am also pretty new so these are just a few of the things that i have found to be good.

    dryads, they're t4 and s4 and cause fear along with being good in close combat. Their fast movment usually lets them get around to the enemies flanks or rear to let a nice charge out. i found these play a bigger role in my games then i expected.

    Warhawk riders, nice to get rear charges and can hit and run. But they cost a good amount of points and tend to die easy.

    Wild Riders, the MVP of my games. Their fast, strong(s4, s5 on the charge unless my codex lied to me again...) they are fast cav so they are good at getting to the sides of the enemy, and they get bonus attacks on rounds they dont charge

    tree kin, their not exactly the most manuverable (oops, cant spell) but your will have to have something that can take a head on charge. And these can be nasty.

    Wardancers, i actually dont use these(havnt gotten around to picking some up) but their fast and seem to be very versitle and also manuverable

    oh, and word of warning stay away from the glade riders. They seem like a good idea but they seem to die WAY to easy. just what i found

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