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    Wood Elves Army Selector

    Original content by Grimbog Elf Ater. Updated by DavidVC04.

    Greetings fey folk of Athel Loren,

    What follows is a list of generic army compositions many Wood Elf players employ. This list is not meant to be exhaustive, but merely a starting place for new players.

    Harrass the Enemy
    Skirmishing, guerilla warfare list

    Heroes: Alter noble or highborn, Wardancer noble or highborn, noble or highborn on great eagle with HoDA or BoL/AB combo, Branchwraith

    Units: Glade Guard, Glade Riders, Glade Guard scouts, Great Eagles, Wardancers, Warhawk Riders, Dryads, Waywatchers, and Wild Riders. Some players will include a Treeman since monsters are still fairly mobile as they don't wheel.

    Playing Basics: Keep out of your opponent’s sight and pepper them with shooting and magic until you’ve wiped out as many foes as possible. Use flyers and fast to marchblock portions of your enemy's battle line that you either want to take your time shooting at or that you just don't want to engage. Use skirmishers and fast cav to move to the enemy's flanks and force him to redirect his troops. Keep shooting and control the combats by picking and choosing when, who, and how you fight. The Moonstone of the Hidden Ways is a nice item for this type of list.

    Shoot to Thrill, Play to Kill
    Shooting heavy list

    Heroes: Even mages can take the HoDA, but it still works best with a noble or highborn's superior BS. The BoL/AB combo skewers heavy cavalry, and the Starfire Arrows work wonders against low Ld armies. Great eagles as mounts can work well, as can alters, though in 7th edition, the latter may die a little sooner.

    Units to Consider: Glade Guard, Glade Riders, Glade Guard scouts, Waywatchers, and Warhawk riders.

    Playing Basics: Many WE players find an all-shooting list tricky to win with, which in my opinion goes back to balancing army lists to perform well in all phases of the game--movement, magic, shooting, and combat. Waywatchers, scouts, Warhawk Riders, and Glade Riders can all perform the same tasks, and which task you assign to which unit depends entirely on the game you're playing at that moment. All work well for marchblocking the enemy, negating warmachines, and threatening flanks and rears to disrupt enemy battle lines. Don't forget about nifty items like the Moonstone of the Hidden Ways and the Banner of the Zenith.

    Smite the Interlopers with Fell Magic!
    Magic heavy list

    Heroes: Spellweavers, Spellsingers, Branchwraiths, Treeman Ancient

    Units to Consider: You can adapt this however you like and the Lore of Athel Loren is built to complement its units. Treemen add a bound spell. Fighting units like Wardancers, Wild Riders, Dryads, and Treekin benefit from spells that give regeneration, extra attacks or movement, and the ability to ignore mundane missile fire.

    Playing Basics: Spellweavers and the Wand of Wych Elm go together like wood and termites. For exceptionally strong Treesinging, use Calaignor's Stave or the Deepwood Sphere, the latter also providing a nasty surprise for skinks who pursue your mage into the woods. A level 1 Branchwraith with a cluster of radiants adds a fighting character that adds surprisingly strong magic defense. The spites you can take on these characters, including that beast we call the Treeman, can also force your opponent into making tough decisions. And don't overlook the Lore of Life or Lore of Beasts. Healing wounds on any unit, especially one like a Treeman, is huge. And the base spell for Lore of Beasts could turn a Branchwraith into a character that can stand up against even the nastiest of foes like Vampire Counts or Chaos Lords.

    We Shall Meet Them on the Battlefields
    Infantry-based list

    Heroes: Highborns to anchor EG, Battle Standard Bearer, Wardancer Noble (support/flanks), Wild Rider Noble (support/flanks), support from Spellsingers (scrolls and spells that complement EG)

    Units to Consider: Glade Guard to soften up the enemy, make intentional flee responses, and even flank; Dryads to protect flanks and support EG; at least one unit of Eternal Guard (many players like them 6 wide for a pile of attacks); fast cavalry to counter charge; Treekin for brutal flank support; Treeman for same; Wardancers are highly useful, too

    Playing Basics: Use your Glade Guards to receive charges and have units of wardancers, fast cavalry, or even other archers ready to counter charge flanks or rears. Waywatchers and scouts should only be used for flanking actions as a last resort as they are far more effective at march blocking and weakening your enemy's numbers before you engage them in close combat.

    A Battle Standard Bearer is a must for many WE players using this type of army. Stubborn units will fail a Ld test now and again, so that reroll can make it or break it, especially if you've got a treeman around, too. Many players also like Rhymer's Harp and Annoyance of Netlings on a highborn leading EG.

    Holy Sigmar! That tree just ate Frederick!
    Forest Spirit list

    Heroes: Treeman ancient, Branchwraith, Spellsingers or Spellweavers of the Glamourweave kindred, Wild Rider nobles or highborns

    Units to Consider: Lots of Dryads, one of the best bargains in all of Warhammer! Treekin, Treemen, Wild Riders, Eagles. Some players eschew the last two options, seeing them as not really forest spirits. With Eagles, it's easy; they're not forest spirits. They just aren't elves, and they live, well, in the forest. Wild Riders, though, do have the forest spirit rules, but many seem them as still too "elfish." But hey, it's your army, so do what you want.

    Playing Basics: This list has the potential to be another great skirmishing list with a more wild and feral feel to it. It should be used as the skirmishing list above, although any Treemen should use terrain to keep them safe as they'll be prime targets. Treemen can hold up a unit while Dryads or Treekin maneuver for a return charge that will make the toughest of units cringe. A nasty combat list, but one without ranks and the benefits of Asrai archery.

    The Forest Seeks Balance
    Balanced list

    Heroes: A mix of all character types paying attention to magic, shooting, and combat. A fun chance to try out Wild Rider and Wardancer nobles.

    Units to Consider: This should be obvious. Take a balance of core, special, and rare. The only kicker here is that you can make a balanced list that leans towards infantry with a unit of EG, or you can take an all skirmishing/mobile list that leans towards the guerilla style noted above.

    Playing Basics: This list can be very effective against units with one or two large block units – your Glade Guard receive the charge as your treeman or fast cavalry charge in to break the unit by fighting against your opponent’s flank. In the meantime, your flyers and skirmishers can harry units and dart around them, shooting to weaken them before you choose to deal with them. As above, work to dictate the combats, avoiding those you'll lose and snatching points from more vulnerable units.

    The Wild Ride
    Cavalry-based list

    Heroes: Wild Rider characters, characters to join fast cavalry, maybe even a character mounted on an eagle, character on a Great Stag, character on a Forest Dragon

    Units to Consider: Glade Riders, Great Eagles, Warhawk Riders, Wild Riders, scouts, and Waywatchers (Glade Guard help out any army, so they're certainly a good choice here, too)

    Playing Basics: Use your hard-to-match speed to combine charges and take down one unit at a time. Once again, your Waywatchers and scouts should be used to march block and weaken the enemy before you take them down.

    Any other types of lists that need to be added?

    Last edited by DavidWC09; October 25th, 2006 at 02:36.
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