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Thread: War Dancers

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    War Dancers

    Ok, everyone here talks about how good war dancers are, and i would agree. But i don't think i am using them as effectivly as i should be. They do usually survive in my battles but i wouldn't call them battle winners.

    can someone please give me advice as to use them better.
    I know it dosn;t sound like i am using them badly but i still feel i am using them wrong

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    Welcome to LO, Tossy.

    I'm a big advocate for wardancers. Here's what I try to do with them.

    They're only good if they're in combat, but they have to get there intact. I try to screen them from enemies because if your opponents don't initially recognize them as a threat, they will after a few games against you.

    I've used wardancers to eliminate giants, smaller ranked units, tough enemy generals, you name it. Still, if too many die from missile fire or magic, they swiftly become pointless.

    I run them behind archers, not squarely behind the middle of the GG but on an end so that can swarm out. Otherwise, I use terrain to block them. This means delaying their foray into combat, but it keeps them effective. Sometimes I even shield them with dryads, as the skirmishing wood witches are as close as we get to an expendable unit.

    Playing WEs is really about target and combat selection. Once the type opportunity I'm looking for appears, I pounce with the dancers.

    Then I think about what dance is best against this particular opponent. Most of the time, my sequence goes like this...

    I charge a unit, thereby ensuring that I get the str bonus, and select storm of blades. Let's say I hit the exposed flank of a ranked unit that's four ranks deep. With seven wardancers, one of whom is a noble and the other a unit champion, six will get into combat (which is good since I probably lost at least one to shooting).

    Four regular dancers and the storm of blades means 12 attacks at a solid strength and high weapon skill. The champion adds 3 attacks, for a total of fifteen. The noble adds five more attacks at an ever higher strength.

    Around 12 to 14 hits should land, and half of those will wound TO 4 enemies. It means a lot of bleeding for the sorry target of Loec's wrath.

    If the combat continues to a second round or if I get charged, I use the Shadows Coil dance for a stout ward save. Then I go back to the storm of blades dance.

    Against heavily armored opponents, I'll take whirling death. And then the ward save and so on.

    Speaking of Loec, the blades of loec are really good, but so is the moonstone of hidden ways. If you really want to disrupt your opponent's plan and get your dancers into combat quickly, take this item. The only problem is that you need favorable terrain. If there's a tree on the table and you get to pick sides, deploy opposite the treestand.

    Then place your free tree terrain about five inches in front of your deployment zone. Behind the tree stand, deploy your wardancers and move them into it on your first turn. Then zap them somewhere inconvenient and when your opponent asks, "Do I get a chance to dispel that?" you can hand him the rulebook and point the item description, just before you scoop up your models and move them to his side of the table. :shifty:

    In 2000 pts, I run a unit of seven with at least a musician and maybe a bladesinger; then I add another unit, but only of six, with a noble who has either the blades of loec or the moonstone of hidden ways, bringing this unit's total unit size also to 7.

    If you want a really nasty wardancer unit, take a wardancer highborn with the blades of loec, moonstone, and murder of spites. He'll dish out some major punishment. You can also drop the murder for an annoyance. This makes a large wardancer unit much more capable of tackling a ranked unit head on.

    Don't forget to issue a challenge with the highborn. You'll win against most enemy generals and rack up major overkill against any champion foolish enough to take you on.

    My last reminder is this: don't take the moonstone of hidden ways, move your unit into position, and then forget to use it. Things can rocket downhill from there.
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