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    thinking of starting wood elves

    Hi all along with a friend im going to start a new army, and im stuck between Wood Elves and Dwarves. My friend has decided on empire, since we will be fighting together most of the time I'm wondering how well do you guys think an Empire/Wood Elves army team would work. Now for the comparisons and questions.

    Heros- how powerful are WE heros and what variaties are there. Also since I play dark elves I have had the luck of picking from a long list of mounts, how do WE compare?

    Core- I just have one question, about the role of glade riders. Are they similar to Dark riders as in they harass the enemy with bow fire and flee from charges to set up units for flank attacks?

    Special- ok i have 2 for this one. First off what exactly do wardancers do Ive heard that their skimishers that can swich roles, is this true? Secondly, what are warhawk riders, are they like the terradon riders from the lizzes?

    Rare- no questions.

    Magic- do the WE have a lord level caster and what lores can they chose from?

    Lastly what would you recomend I buy for starters, Im getting the codex this weekend but Im not going to start collecting them for a month or two. I guess I would get a Battailion box a mage and a nobe w/ great sword any thing else for starting?

    Thanks for your help in advance


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    As far as fluff goes the dwarves would be more accurate as an ally. I think both would equally well to team up with the Empire. The problem is WE and Dwarves are on 2 ends of the spectrum and therefore comparing which is better would be hard.

    Heroes - WE lords and Heroes are not so much strong as good. I find they work best when a kit is applied for one function. Either CC or challenge or harrassment or whatever. I just don't believe you should make them generally good. WE troops are above average in my mind and can function good in many roles. Therefore it is the Lords/Heroes job to specialize.

    Glade Guard(GG) - There are many uses for Glade Guard. I prefer to use them for putting down lots of arrows accuratly and deadly. At shortrange I absolutely love what they can do. They can be used as you ask, but there are other units that function better at that task. I think more of GG as mobile Crossbowmen.

    Wardancers have 4 special abilities. They can change what ability they are using each turn. This allows them to customize to their opponent. Warhawk riders are similiar yes, but more effective as harrassment through CC. They have special rules called hit-and-run.

    Yes they are called Spellweavers, she has Beast, Athel Loren, and Life/Heaven?? Not sure which, I rarely use the spellweaver.

    Nope the box should be good. You can use whats in there, proxy other units with them until you know what you really like. The WE can be fickle and I find that people don't always play the same way. Find your style and customize for you. I know I can't pick up somebody elses WE army and do as well with them as I would with a Chaos or Dwarf army.
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