Hey again all. Well after lots more playtesting and mucking around with pts values and incorperating alot of ideas i have had thrown my way I think I finally have an army that is both competitive and well themed. I wanted a fast attack aspect army that seemed to fit the background. Anyways I am really keen to see what u all think. (I really wanted vectored engines on the scorps and an extra spider but just couldn't fit it in). Cheers

Autarch shuriken pistol, fusion gun, power sword,banshee 93
mask, haywire & plasma gre

9 Banshees shuriken pistol, power sword, banshee mask 182
Exarch executioner
Wave Serpent T-l Shuriken cannon, shuriken cannon, spirit, vectored 140

7 Scorpions shuriken pistol, chainsword, mandi-blasters, plasma g 160
Exarch scorpions claw, stalker
Wave Serpent T-l Shuriken cannon, shuriken cannon, spirit 120

6 Fire Dragons fusion gun, melta bombs 96

9 Dire Avengers avenger catapult 152
Exarch twin avenger catapult, bladestorm
Wave Serpent twin-linked bright lance, spirit stones 145

5 Rangers Ranger long rifle, shuriken pistol 95

4 Warp Spiders deathspinner 152
Exarch 2 x deathspinners, powerblades, withdraw

Falcon pulse laser,shuriken cannon,holofield,spiritstones 165

1500pt on the dot...