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    Effective Hunting.. 500 pts

    So, I've gotten over my moody "must-make-a-theme-army-that-works-this-set-way" period. I'm still not entierly sure Tyranids are really for me. I'm considering both Eldar and Dark Eldar as alternatives. This is a good thing, as I've gotten a much better perspective on how to compete against these high initiative scimming armies with Tyranids. Time to make a 500 pt list that can take them all on with some chance at winning.
    Here is my try at just that, and I'm observing that it's alot like what Path of Sculls likes to field in his games..

    Warrior Brood of 3 - 118 pts
    w. extended carapace, enhanced senses, toxin sacs, scything talons. 2 deathspitters, 1 venom cannon.

    Warrior Brood of 3 - 118 pts
    w. extended carapace, enhanced senses, toxin sacs, scything talons. 2 deathspitters, 1 venom cannon.

    Lictor brood of 1 - 80 pts

    Gaunt Brood of 10 - 50 pts
    w. spinefists

    Gaunt Brood of 9 - 45 pts
    w. spinefists

    Gaunt Brood of 9 - 45 pts
    w. spinefists

    Ravener - 40 pts
    w. rending claws and scything talons

    TOTAL - 496 pts

    The breakdown..
    Everybody wants a Hive Tyrant. The problem is just that it becomes to expensive, at least in a 500 pt list. I need numbers to counter the other races and to hunt efficiantly. With a Hive Tyrant the sacrifice just breeds inefficiancy and inflexibility.
    I am really tempted to give the warriors bioplasma and rending claws. I belive bio-plasma is seriously underrated when used against high I races. Although, perhaps not so much so on warriors since they have such small numbers. I have a feeling Gargoyles will have a place in my 1000 pt list. Anyway, rending and bioplasma would skyrocket the warriors price so I've ended up on the basic pathofsculls-warriors. I need numbers first.
    3 gaunt squads meens a fair number of models while still being able to keep control of them all without much trouble should one of my warrior broods be exterminated.
    The last two choices are for tricks. They will be the playmakers of this army.

    My obvious weakness will be strong armour values, both on vehicles and infantry.
    I feel this is preferable to weakness against scimmers as there are easier ways to cope with this problem than visaversa.
    I don't know if this army will be able to take out infantry heavy SM, CSM or Necrons, but I feel the numerical advantage should bog them down enough that I can deliver my two playmakers and start mini-rending.
    Against high I opponents, the number of gaunts themselves should do magic.
    I have no idea whatsoever how this list would perform against orks.
    If I met an opponent that fielded a Crusader, I would be up shit creek. I guess my only chance to take that one out would be a lucky lictor deployment followed up by a very lucky rend.

    So, what do you think?

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    Everything looks good, if your going to have to deal with orks at all then I would give one brood of warriors a barbed strangler, that generally covers that issue. Your going to want to out shoot orks rather then try to out assault them. Orks rip through everything that nids have, I tried once orks slaughtered me, I learned I should have shot them up from afar because they are slow to move.

    @ 500pts you really shouldn't be seeing a lot of high AV tanks, there might be the occasional player with AV13 on his front armour, but his sides should be weaker. Most likely you'll just be seeing transports.
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