Hey guys, im playing a 1850 pt game at local store tonight, and i was wondering if anyone has any ideas.

ive been running with this list for most the tourney

res orb+GazeofFlame+lightning field


15x warriors

15x warrors

5x destroyers

10x scarab swarms+d fields


10x immortals

this is about it. Im not sure what im gonna be playing tonight, but i know thiers alot of space marine lists with not alot of vechiles, One mass tac squad, one space wolf with lots of wolves, one blood angels, one vanilla. Thiers also khrone chaos with demon prince and bloodthirster. Also, tyranid with lots of gaunts and lots of warriors. one other necron list that fields deciever.

i know this list is only 1800, but i just got the 50 pt add on, so im not sure where to put it.

any alternative lists you can think of, or if you just want to critique this one. What im going for is a overall infantry killer, because thats whats mostly being played.