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    2000 pt army list

    This is my first list (first post) and i would like to know what you think of it. It would face everyone but more often tau and necrons.

    HQ- Farseer, jetbike, spirit stones, runes of warding and witnessing, doom, mind war -185

    Elite- 9 scorpions, 1 exarch, scorpions claw mounted in wave serpent with shuriken cannons as all weapons and spirit stones - 307

    Troops- 2x9 Dire Avengers with 2x1 exarch, bladestorm, dual catapults mounted in wave serpents (same as scorpions) -544

    Fast Attack - 4 shining spears, 1 exarch, star lance, withdraw- 227
    - 9 warp spiders, 1 exarch, dual death spinners, withdraw-252
    - 1x viper with bright lance- 75

    Heavy support- 2x Fire Prism with spirit stones, holo fields, vectored engines- 360 points

    Total 1990

    The idea behind this army is for the entire force should be able to converge on a single section of the enemy army and completely annihilate it before packing up and dispersing. If your opponent refuses to spllit his force, simply snipe ling range with prisms, etc.

    First Post!!!!!!!

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    i think its mainly good, drop the runes on the farseer and the transport no the scorpians and buy an exarch to go with the spears is all i cans say
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