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    1500 - Eldar - Ranged.. kinda

    Ok.. So I had a break from 40K for a while to play Wood Elves. I liked their play style so i thought I'd make a ranged 40k army. Tau are ugly so i picked Eldar ( I'm also thinking about and IG army with a heap of heavy weapons, but i'll get to that later ) and made this army list..

    HQ -
    (1) Farseer - (130)
    Runes of Witnessing - Spirit Stones - Doom - Guide

    (1) Autarch - (120)
    Warp jump generator - Mandiblasters - Scorpion chainsword - Fusion gun

    Elites -
    (10) Striking Scorpions - (202)
    Exarch - Biting Blade - Stalker - Shadowstrike

    Troops -
    (10) Dire Avengers - (152)
    Exarch - Two shuriken catapults - Bladestrom

    (10) Dire Avengers - (152)
    Exarch - Two shuriken catapults - Bladestorm

    Fast Attack -
    (10) Warp Spiders - (252)
    Exarch - Spinneret rifle - Surprise assault - Withdraw

    (10) Swooping Halks - (210)
    Exarch - Sunrifle - Intercept - Skyleap

    Heavy Support -
    (3) Warwalker - (235)
    (3) Eldar Missile Launcher (one each) - (1) Starcannon
    - (2) Bright Lance

    Total - 1500

    Basically what I plan to do is run the Dire Avengers and Farseer towards then enemy and charge slowing a few units down while my walkers shoot stuff. Hawks and Spiders drop in, Hawks take out vehicles and infantry while my spiders shoot then charge slowing more units down, then break away and shoot again. Autarchs there for support, hide in the spiders pop out and blow up a tank or something. Scorpions take out their mobile or good CC unit. Anyway... this is my first list and I have no idea how to play Eldar so I just want to know what stuff does and whats better for what, so any help would be great. thanks.
    Oh by the way.. I did want some rangers, for the pinning so maybe if someone could give me a hand to work those in. Maybe lose the Scorpions? I don't really know.. thanks again.

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