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    1500 Points of Eldar Victories (Revised)

    Alrighty everyone, I played a list similar to this one. I added more of the old lists strengths and cut its weaknesses.
    Old one was
    Farseer-Doom Guide
    6 Harleys
    6 Jetbikes-2 Warlocks (2 differend squads)
    2 DA squads (only bladestorm-no tarpit)
    3 Shining Spears
    3 Vibro Cannons
    2 Falcon
    6 Fire Dragons

    Guardians got dumped, shining spears were a high priority target, agree with Cherdaine (SP?) with the uslessness of a fire dragon sucide squad, warlocks excelled at tank hunting
    So heres the new one


    -Mandiblaster, Laser Lance, jetbike
    Considering giving him a fusion gun if he wants to tank hunt with the SS


    6 Harlequins-132
    -6 Kisses
    Rides in falcon


    10 Dire Avengers-177
    -Exarch, Bladestorm, Defend, Powerweapon, Shimmershield

    10 Dire Avengers-177
    -Exarch, Bladestorm, Defend, Powerweapon, Shimmershield
    Basic tarpit

    4 Jetbikes-124
    Shurkien Cannon, Warlock w/ Singing Spear

    4 Jetbikes-124
    Shurkien Cannon, Warlock w/ Singing Spear
    Chose the small 4 man squads to be used as tank hunters-Have to kill 3 to get non-scoring

    Fast Attack-132

    3 Shining Spears-132
    -Exarch, Star Lance
    Run with autarch, either tank hunting or CC- Probably need to make room for withdraw

    Heavy Support-495

    -Scatter Laser, Shurkien Cannon, holo-fields, spirit stones
    transport harlequins, with infantry hunting (warlocks and SS will do the main tank hunting)

    Fire Prism-160
    -Holo-fields, spirit stones
    Everyone says never field one of these always go in pairs, but I find that even as a single it will still be an effective tank or heavy infantry killer. Plus spending double the points to kill 5 or so MEQs or getting 1 rail gun shot isn't worth it.

    3 Vibro Cannons-150
    These guys work wonders. Damages some infantry, but will automatically keep anyvechicles that it hits form firing next turn with the possibilty of destroying it


    Things I am considering:
    Tossing out the Autarch and the Shining Spears to add in (clears out 262 points):

    -Jetbike, Singing Spear, Doom

    4 Jetbikes-124
    Shurkien Cannon, Warlock w/ Singing Spear

    This would total up to 237 points. Leaving an extra 34 to throw in. Will probably just pump up the farseer some more or vectored engines to the falcon transport.

    This will make up in the tank hunting just fine, but I will lose a powerful CC squad.

    How can I add withdraw to the SS?
    Should I run the Autarch set up or the farseer set up?
    How could I make up for the loss in CC if I go with the farseer?

    Everyone on Librarium Online has been extremely helpful so far, and I hope that you all remain the same. Thank you all

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    Ok my advice on the list:

    drop 1 of the vibro-cannons, 2 is enough and easier to hide.
    drop 1 bike from each of the 2 squads.

    That should get you the points to add another shining spear, add withdraw and add embolden to the 2 warlocks.

    I hate transporting things in falcons.

    and lastly I agree with you on the fire prism. I think 2 is effective for tank hunting (twin-railgun kills more than 2 lascannons) but its hardly necessary to take 2.
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