Hive Tyrant, bonesword & lash whip, venom cannon, warp field, toxin sacs, toxic miasma, hooks

3 Warriors, leaping, rending claws, deathspitter, 2 devourers

3 Warriors, leaping, symbiote rippers, rending claws, scything talons


12 Genestealers

12 Hormagaunts

12 Hormagaunts

12 Termagaunts

12 Devourergaunts

4 ripper swarms, leaping, toxin sacs

2 Biovores, bio-acid spore mines

Carnifex, enhanced senses, barbed strangler, twin-linked deathspitter

Carnifex, enhanced senses, venom cannon, twin-linked deathspitter

The main focus is a refused flank supported by biovores and the Carnifexes giving support fire on the swarms flank and weakening the center. The Hormagaunts and leaping Warriors will obviously hit first before rolling up the enemies line, hopefully weakened by the ranged beasties. Once in combat, the prowess of Genestealers (who can potentially hold up the opposite flank) should help break the enemy everywhere they go, while the speed of the hormagaunts and warriors will bring them into exellent positions very quickly.

The only main flaw to the list is the lack of numbers, so dropping the lictor and even a biovore or both to increase the broods may be a good idea, 190 points would go a long way...