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Thread: 500: Nids

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    500: Nids

    Thatís right! I have left the greater good for the greater taste, you know, entire races, planets, galaxies and the such. But, before I start stir frying the universe, I need to start out small. Thatís why I have decided to build a solid 500pt list and work my way up. So enough blabbing, here it is.

    HQ: 213
    Hive Tyrant: 2x TLDevourer, T.Sacks, E.Senses, P.Scream: 129
    2x Body Guards w/ F.Hooks: 92

    Troops: 84
    3x Ripper Swarms: Leaping: 42
    3x Ripper Swarms: Leaping: 42

    Heavy: 195
    3x Zoanthropies: P.Scream, W.Blast

    Total: 500

    List Summery: big bugs walk up to you blasting away.

    Explanations: Body Guards are great meat shields for the HT, and can do some damage to anyone trying to B!+ch $!@P my HQ. Ripper Swarms tie up shooty enemys till I reach them. Thropies blast any hard pressed daemon princes or tough nuts that need cracking. lastly, the P.Scream is just took cool of an ability to pass up when stacked like this, "whats that, Ld 8...looks more like 4 to me, bwahhhh."

    The other idea I have is to shaft the Ripper Swarms by taking away there Leaping bio morph, the Hive Tyrants P.Scream, and dropping the Body Guards for a second Dakka Hive Tyrant?

    Please feel free to burn it to a cinder...if need be.

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    for a 500 points list you have way to few kill units

    a Tyranid army has units that serve a purpose

    die, kill or stall

    you will use the rippers to stall, and the Tyrant + Zoans to kill

    Whadda ya know, no units to sacrifice

    your opponent will direct all fire to the Tyrant, it's a tough nut but it will crack.
    secondly suppose you lose your Tyrant on turn 1.

    for example: Witchhunter's crossbows, wound and hit on a 2+

    then you only have the zoans to do some damage.
    looking a bit forward in your match i see this:

    Rippers engage enemy by charge in turn 2
    Tyrant gets in 18 inch range by turn 2. LOS blocked by combat OR the rest is in combat thus no shooty for the rest of your units.

    it will take another 2 turns for the Tyrant to catch up and mingle. but by then your rippers will have perished. Remember insta death. rippers aren't immune to it

    Hive Fleet Lucanus : 2000 points

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    what i would do with that list is alter the command mainly
    for that points cost you could have 2 hive tyrants and have points to spare
    for this points cost, all i would do is give the hive tyrant devourers and bs upgrade
    this give you a tyrant worth close to 90 points. dirt cheap, yet extremely effective, 12 shots, hitting on 3s wounding on 4s.
    you say tyrant lets your ht live longer, this may be true but for the points of those two gaurd you could get another cheap tyrant...
    or even a fex with devourers and bs upgrade.
    i personally dont like rippers, i am a 7pt gaunt man. with str 2 devourers. woo. i love em. but many dont. the 18 inch range is sexy and makes them extremely useful.
    i dont really like so many zoanthropes. but each to his own.
    try not to fall into the trap of upgrading those big nasties too much. go cheap with them and you can get so much more of them. my 750pts army includes
    a hive tyrant, devourers, ballistic
    carnifex, devourers, ballistic
    zoanthrope, warpblast,
    3 warriors, VC, 2 DeathSpitters
    2 x 10 gaunts, with devourers, at str 2 wooo
    10 genestealers with extended carapace.
    and like one spore mine. heh
    i think thats it.. anyway
    just gives you an idea of how much killing power you can get.
    use your points wisely..
    Don't under estimate the devourer gaunt

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