This is the army I took to last weekend's tyrannic war campaign at warhammer world. The 1500 pt list is my 'standard' army.


Farseer, singing spear, Fortune, runes of witnessing, runes of warding, bike 146
4 Warlocks, enhance, embolden, destructor, 1 singing spear, bikes 213


3 x 3 Jetbikes, shuriken cannon 76 (x3)

8 Dire Avengers, exarch, dual catapults, bladestorm 128
Wave serpent, bright lances, shuriken cannon, spirit stones 150

Fast Attack

6 Warp Spiders, exarch, dual spinners 149
Vyper, starcannon 70
Vyper, Starcannon 70

Heavy Support
2 x Fire prisms, holo-fields, spirit stones, shuriken cannons 170 (x2)


750pt combat patrol


11 Guardians, scatter laser, warlock with conceal and spear 146
Wave serpent, starcannons, shuriken cannon, spirit stones 145

Note that the wave serpent was allowed in combat patrol by the campaign rules

17 Guardians, scatter laser, warlock with conceal and spear 194

5 Pathfinders 120

Fast Attack

Vyper, Starcannon 70
Vyper, Starcannon 70