New 2000pts tournament draft - fearless hammer/anvil - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    New 2000pts tournament draft - fearless hammer/anvil

    Allright, as Cheradanine thankfully pointed out, my last list was flawed. Here is a fixed and in my opinion much more powerful list.

    The idea is a fearless centre(the anvil) with the avatar, two squads of avengers, a (little expensive)farseer that casts fortune and doom to help the avengers and a wraithlord. Hardhitting centre against both infantry and MCs.

    A more mobile, hardhitting element(the hammer) consists of a squad of fire dragons(i play a lot of marines and they are usually quite good against assault squads and tanks alike), harlequins and shining spears.

    Another element provides distraction(striking scorpions) and firepower for taking out enemy transports(war walkers, vyper,falcon) as well as contesting objectives.

    What do all of you think?


    The avatar of the bloody handed god 155 pts

    Farseer, spirit stones, ghosthelm,runes of witnessing, runes of warding, 158pts
    fortune, doom,
    singing spear + shuriken pistol


    9 Striking Scorpions 196pts
    exarch, claw, stalker + shadowstrike

    9 Fire Dragons 144 pts
    Wave Serpent, 165 pts
    twin linked starcannons, shuriken cannon, spirit stones, vectored engines

    6 Harlequins, 178 pts
    troupe master, power weapon
    4 kisses
    shadowseer, kiss
    Ride in the falcon


    10 Dire Avengers 167pts
    Exarch, 2 catapults, bladestorm + defend

    10 Dire Avengers 162 pts
    Exarch, power weapon + shimmershield, defend


    Vyper, scatter laser + shuriken cannon 70 pts

    3 Shining spears 132 pts
    Exarch w/ star lance


    Wraithlord, EML + bright lance, 2 flamers 155pts

    Falcon, pulse laser + scatter laser 175pts
    spirit stones, holo-field

    War walker squadron(2 walkers) 140pts
    1 with 2x scatter lasers
    1 with 2x star cannons

    1997 pts

    Currently painting The Pink Slaughter (Slaanesh CSM), Waaaaagh Bigtoof (Orks) for 40k/OnePage40k and UCM Ferrum 2nd for Dropzone Commander.

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    without puilling it appart too much, chief concerns with the list is your spears need more number and your farseer is over cooked, however, taking that appart, I assume your hammer is basically the spears, the harleys in the falcon and the dragons.

    The problem then becomes trying to use such an acepted tactic IRL on the table top, against an army that is assault based, purely it is just timeing, which is fine
    against a shooting based army, your anvil will get outshot
    against a mixed army the temtation is to chuck the tactic out the window, to go for his firebase with your assault and to shoot his assault
    Everything you have been told is a lie!

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    i'd chuck out the spears as 7 attacks on the charge will kill just about nothing. i wouldnt mix weapons in the walker squadrons take out the starcannons, take out the scatter laser on vyper for 2 cannons as they are disposabe and u dont want them to cost much. with those points saved i'd take a 3rd avenger squad as they are good against anything. i'd chuck out the runes on the seer as they dont do much for me. i really dont like 10 dragons in serpent, can u kill 300pts of stuff with that unit? anyway the list is much better than the last and has plenty of potiential.
    Signed Sealed Saint
    Fortius Quo Fidelius

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