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    1000 Point Eldar for Newb

    I would greatly appreciate any help with this army list. What would you change and how would you use the units? I've read through some of the forum to help get me started. But I'm wondering how this army would actually play out in a game.

    Farseer with Doom

    10 Striking Scorpions with Exarch and Scorpion's Claw
    5 Fire Dragons
    3 Wraithguard with a Warlock upgraded to Spiritseer with Shining Spear

    5 Dire Avengers
    5 Dire Avengers

    1 Falcon with Starcannon and Spirit Stones

    2 Wave Serpents with Eldar Missile Launchers

    The Wave Serpents are for the Striking Scorpions and probably the Fire Dragons. Should I have my Wraithguard slowly move up or should they be transported instead? Which units should walk and which should be transported? My Falcon will probably stay back and give support fire. And I'm wondering how best to use the Farseer. Should he move with the Dire Avengers or be transported around?

    I was also thinking of maybe taking the Wraithguard with Warlock out and instead putting in a Wraithlord with scatter laser. Would that be a better choice?

    I'm a complete newb to the game and Eldar. So your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Wraithguard don't need a spiritseer, if he's attached to the only wraith unit you will never need the extra reach. I also think wraithguard are 5 man minimum (aren't they?). They should probably become 5 man anyway.

    For now put the dragons in the falcon and the scorpions and wraithguard in the serpents. Give both serpents spirit stones. Although to make points (for 2 more wraithguard and more) drop one of the wave serpents and make the scorpions infiltrate instead. Alternatively just drop the wraithguard.

    Next combine the avengers and add an exarch. Add some pathfinders or guardians to support them and make up the 2nd troops slot. The farseer goes with the dire avengers.

    So basically to pay for all the suggestions the best way is to drop either the wraithguard or a serpent (your choice). The starcannon could also be lowered to a cheaper weapon to pay for things like spirit stones.

    On the tabletop send the wraithguard a threatening unit (usually their biggest tank) and fry it. Try to keep them nearby the scorpions for cc protection but sometimes this is impossible.

    The farseer and avengers advance up the board, at 1k points your opponent probably won't kill to quickly, especially with scorpions closing in on them. Stick to cover if you see more than 1 heavy bolter facing you. Pathfinders find the best cover on the board and support the avengers or guardians advance with them, just in front to force target priority.

    The falcon advances 12" a turn towards any enemy tanks or expensive units, make sure it keeps shooting. If it gets shaken duck out of sight then come back out guns blazing. Don't feel obliged to disembark the dragons if there is no good targets left as they can be good for holding objectives on the last turn (if you choose last turn, the dragons can drop on an objective and the falcon can zoom off to hold another one). They're also scoring (along with the falcon) for seek and destroy.

    Have fun with Eldar.
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