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Thread: Eldar 2500pts

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    Member Farseer Rusty's Avatar
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    Eldar 2500pts


    Eldrad Ulthran-210
    Autarch, Jetbike, Laser Lance, Mandiblasters-130


    6 Fire Dragons, Exarch with Crack Shot- 113
    8 Harlequins, 4xKisses, 2xPistols, Troupe Master, Shadowseer – 230
    10 Howling Banshees, Exarch, Mirrowswords, Scream-187
    Wave Serpent, Bright Lance, Spirit Stones, Star Engines-155


    10 Dire Avengers, Exarch, Bladestorm-152
    10 Dire Avengers, Exarch, Bladestorm-152
    10 Guardians, Starcannon-105
    10 Guardians, Starcannon-105
    5 Pathfinders-120

    Fast Attack

    6 Swooping Hawks, Intercept, Exarch, Sunrifle-143
    5 Warp Spiders, Exarch, Powerblades, Surprise Assault-147
    3 Shining Spears, Exarch, Withdraw, Star Lance-147

    Heavy Support

    Fire Prism, Holofields, Spirit Stone-160
    Fire Prism, Holofields, Spirit Stone-160
    Falcon, Scatter, Shuriken, Holofields, Spirit Stones-185

    What do you think? Its pretty versatile and can take out pretty much any army and come out on top. Comments please

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    Resident Mongoose Mongooseo's Avatar
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    Well, just a couple of quick things.
    1. Star engines are generally a bad idea, generally not worth their points.
    2. The harlequins do not need fusion pistols, they should not be tank hunting, and they don't need help in CC.
    3. I don't like starcannons that much anymore, but I guess if that works for you...
    4. I would like to see both the warp spiders and the shining spears to be brought up to full strength. I therefore suggest dropping the hawks.
    That's it, pretty good list. I just don't see what the pathfinders are doing.

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    Member LightningGus 3's Avatar
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    il assume your using the first falcon for your squad of dragons (the exarch is a waste imo), in which case i would drop a prism for another falcon. then drop your harlies down to 6 and put them in the falcon. then since u only have one prism and cant combine beams...you mind as well just drop that for a third falcon.

    im gonna de-rail a little and give some reasons for stuffing your falcons with troops. while many people would advise against it, i find it to be very useful. the first reason is that falcons are always getting shot, and while they wont die they will be shaken almost 100% of the time. one thing u can do while your shaken is move your tank and drop off some nasties you had hiding in it. i personally dont worry about being closer to my enemy with a falcon, unless they are gonna get bolter shots off on my rear or some such thing. normally though, the weapons you have to worry about will be in range anyway.

    i also agree with starcannons being worse than other weapons.

    swooping hawks are just...not good. your spending 21 points for modified flashlights, and sure they can assault tanks with the haywire, but over all i think ude be better off with taking more fire dragons. the only problem is uve used all your elites.

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