2000 pt tournament needs help - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000 pt tournament needs help


    2x1 Shaso
    Fusion, plasma, missile pod, iridium armor, 2 shield drones, multi tracker
    Stimulant injector


    6 stealth suits
    2 fusion

    2x1 crisis suits
    Missile pod, plasma
    Targeting array, team leader, shavre, multi tracker, stim injector

    10 kroot

    3x 12 fire warriors
    Bonded, shasui, photon and emp grenades

    Fast attack

    6 pathfinders
    Devil fish
    Smart missiles, targeting array, multi tracker, decoy launchers

    Heavy support

    2x1 hammer head
    Rail gun, smart missiles, multi tracker, target lock, decoy launchers, 1 seeker missile

    4 sniper drones

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    Wow... um... it looks like I've got a lot of work to do.
    First of all, let's get the illegal stuff out of the way. You can only have one Stimulant Injector per army, and you can only have one Iridium Armour per army. I'm not sure what you meant by 4 sniper drones, seeing as you can only have teams of three and a spotter, or three squads of said models, I assume by the point count that you had one squad.

    Moving on, I'm going to go over each of your choices.

    Firstly, two Shas'os with three weapons each. When equipped with a multi-tracker, which you have done, they can shoot a maximum of two guns. The third gun adds versatility, but it also adds points. Points which can be spent elsewhere. This seems to be a common theme through your army, all of your units are very expensive. The two shield drones are also excessive, they cost a whopping 30 points, and for a single model? I know it's nice having a nigh invulnerable model, but the firepower he puts out just isn't worth the protection. Which leads me to point number three. Why a Shas'o? His Independent Character status makes him almost immune to shooting, and he shouldn't be getting too close to close combat anyways. Drop him to Shas'el, lose a gun and give him a Targeting Array. In the case that you truly want to keep the shield drones and Shas'o status, give him vectored retro-thrusters, that way he can slow down enemy assaulters and keep on shooting. Just be sure to leave him in there through the enemy's assault phase.

    Stealth suits are great, but it has been generally decided that it is best to keep a unit to its role. Fusion blasters are good, but they're better used on other units. Keep the burst cannons on the stealth, and happy hunting against those Nids and Guardsmen!

    More later.
    My gaming group's new motto: That army you're using is overpowered because it hurts my guys, codex is broken and needs a rewrite.

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