hi all, thisis my list that i has been reviewed on the waagh but i was wondering what you guys thought about it


warboss with Mega Armour, Powerclaw, shoota (Shootier & more Dakka), bosspole & iron gob

painboss with Eavy Armour, cyber body, bionic arm , Frag Stikbombz , Slugga (with shootier) & Choppa

8 Cyborks with sluggas & choppas

Wartuk with rokkit launcher armour plates & grot rigger


14 ‘Ard Boys with sluggas & choppas, 3 burnas, nob with power claw, frag stikbombz & slugga


17 slugga boys with slugga and choppa, 3 with big shoota, nob with slugga and powerclaw

17 slugga boys with slugga and choppa, 3 with burnas, nob with slugga and powerclaw

10 Shoota Boys with Shootas, 3 with rokkit launchers, Nob with shoota (more Dakka & shootier) & choppa
4 tank bustas with slugga, choppa, frag stikbombz, tankstikbombz, 2 with rokkit launcha, nob with Rokkit launcher, iron gob & 2 ammo runts

20 gretchins with grot blastas, slaver with choppa, rokkit launcha, attack squig and squighound

Fast Attack

3 war buggy with rokkit launcher, grot rigger and armour plates all warbuggies are independent but they all have same upgrades

3 Killa kans with close combat weapon, armour plating and big shoota

Predator Annihilator with twin linked lascannons, heavy bolter, armour plates & grot rigger

Ork Battlewagon with 2 twin linked big shootas, Zzap Gun, grot rigger & armour plates Transport for Warboss & ‘Ard Boys

total 2000 c+c appreciated;Y