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    Can someone help a new player out please?

    Ok, so some friends of mine just got me started playing this game, and I managed to inherit a partial army, and I have been slowly adding to it. However, I can not seem to find a combination of stuff that works. I prefer a balanced army, maybe a bit on the shooty-er side, but the list that follows is all my models, not an army list. If anyone could help me design a 1000 or 1500 pt army from this, I would really apreciate it!
    (even more helpful would be a "why" instead of a "what")

    Eldrad Ulthran
    1x Farseer
    6x warlocks

    6xhowling banshees, incl. 1 exarch w/ mirrorswords

    32x guardians
    1x missle launcher platform
    3x guardian jetbikes
    10x Dire avengers (just purchased, not completely assembled yet )

    Fast Attack:
    6x swooping Hawks incl. 1 exarch w/ Hawk's talon (been proxying in sunrifle)
    2x vypers w/ scatter lasers

    Heavy Support:
    1x Wraithlord, flamer/catapult, twin-linked(?)starcannons
    1x Falcon, scatter laser

    this is what I have to work with, depending on options and powers, its about 2100 pts to work with, and I cant make heads or tails of what to do with it, so again, please someone, help me!!!!!

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    Senior Member dinodeanpostcat's Avatar
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    OK, I'll throw my penny into the hat.

    HQ (93)
    Farseer with Doom, Singing Spear, Runes of Witnessing

    This gives you a HQ that can really help your Guardians or Dire Avengers with their shooting because of the Doom psychic power. I always prefer having runes as it helps to prevent the phychic power going wrong.

    Troops (39
    9 x Dire Avengers
    1 x Exarch with Avenger Shuriken Catapault and Bladestorm

    This gives you a classic fire base, which when coupled with the Farseer and Doom, and the Exarch's Bladestorm gives you a maximum of 32 shots per turn with re-rolled failed to wound. Note though that after using Bladestorm they have to re-load for a turn. Or they can fire 22 shots per turn with re-rolled failed to wound (Doom) each turn. So the Bladestorm gives you an extra 10 shots but with a penalty.

    20 x Guardians
    1 x Missile Launcher

    You have to take a heavy weapon with a Guardian squad so are limited to a maximum squad of 20 as you have only one weapons platform.

    3 x Guardian Jetbikes

    Do you have one with the Shuriken Cannon upgrade, if so I suggest using it.

    Elite (11
    5 x Howling Banshees
    1 x Exarch with Mirrorswords

    This is a unit which excels in close combat as they all have power weapons and will normally always strike first in close combat due to the Banshee Masks.

    Heavy Support (325)
    Falcon with Scatter Laser, Holofields and Spirit Stones

    The Holofields and Spirit Stones make the Falcon very hard to destroy. You are lacking in transport for your army so I have reduced the Banshee sqaud to 6 so that they can travel in the Falcon.

    I assume as you say twin-linked that it has two Starcannons.

    You will need a Warlock/Spiritseer to go with the Wraithlord to avoid Wraithsight (having the Wraithlord stand around for a turn doing nothing). However, I do not use Warlocks so cannot offer any sound advice on upgrades etc.

    This works out at 934 points which gives you some spare points for the Warlocks, that would bring you up to a 1000 point list.

    Hope this has helped a little.

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    i would take a warlock upgraded to a spritseer so then he olny has to be withing 12" of the wrathlord to stop it from suffring with its wraithsight rule, Stick one in the guardian squad with conceal so then can advance under a 5+ cover save also helps with there week 5+ armour save u could give them both singing spears if ya got enouf points.;Y

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