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    Eldar Corsair army, 1500 pts

    Greetings and salutations all ye fine members of Librarium Online!

    A few months ago, I was completely sold on Eldar Pirates and considered using the Dark Eldar Codex to represent an army of them.
    I got bored of the idea however and switched back to ordinary Eldar.
    Now, the spark of futuristic piracy (featuring perfect cheekbones and pointy ears of course) has been rekindled, though this time around, I am going to use the Eldar list:

    Guardians/ storm guardians - Basic corsair warriors
    Banshees - Elite corsairs
    Jetbikes, Vypers, Serpents, Falcons - As are
    Rangers, Harlies - As are
    Yriel - Halathain Stormchild, Captain of the Warpshade Corsairs
    Farseer - Renegade seer, must have Runes of Witnessing to protect him as he is no longer sheltered from Daemons by the infinity circuit.

    No Scorpions, Warpspiders, Wraithconstructs or Reapers, 3+ saves on foot troops don't really fit in a raider force.

    Now the reason I posted this in the Army list forum, I wrote a 1500 pts list using these limitations:
    Halathain Stormchild-155
    Farseer, Jetbike, mind war, doom, witnessing, stones-160

    8 Banshees, exarch w/executioner-150
    Serpent, twin EML, cannon upgr-130

    9 Avengers, exarch w/bladestorm-135
    3Jetbikes,shuricnn, warlock w/singing spear, destructor-134
    3Jetbikes,shuricnn, warlock w/singing spear, destructor-134
    10 Storm Guardians, 2 flamers, warlock w/enhance-132
    Serpent, twin shuricnn, cnn upgr-110
    5 Pathfinders-120

    Vyper, shuricnn-50
    Vyper, shuricnn-50

    Falcon, Starcnn, shuricnn-150

    -1490 pts

    Do you believe the limitations I've put on myself are too stifling, and do you think that this list is playable (or capable of winning, I should say)?
    Any and all feedback is appreciated

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    I don't feel like farseers would be really fluffy in corsair lists. Maybe warlocks, but not farseers. As for the list itself,
    1. The storm guardians should probably have one of two builds, 2x Flamers and Warlock with destructor for killing light troops en masse, or two fusion guns and warlock with enhance for taking out MEQs. It's your choice, but I like the 2nd one better, and don't suggest mixing them.
    2. The bike warlocks should have embolden to keep the bikes in the fight when they start taking casualties.
    3. If you can fit it, putting an extra cannon on both vypers isn't a bad idea at all.
    4. The falcon needs holo fields and spirit stones. It's not even an option.
    the list looks pretty cool, and there's room for some pretty sweet conversions. Good luck and have fun.

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