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    1500 pt Zilla list

    Hey guys, just started playing 'Nids but have been a long time Chaos player. I always wanted to start 'Nids and now that the Apocalypse sets are offered, it makes them that much more affordable. So I have bought the Mycetic Spore(sp?) set and a battleforce.

    I have played this list twice and I really like it so far. I won both times, however, my opponent had some horrible rolls. And by some I mean almost all of his rolls were way below math.

    So here it goes, I am using everything I got so far, and proxying a Tyrant till I get the money for that.

    Hive Tyrant : 169pts
    -Toxin Sacs
    -2x Twin Linked Devourers
    -Enhanced Senses
    -Adrenaline Glands (WS)
    -Flesh Hooks

    Tyranid Warriors
    : 105pts
    -Scything Talons
    -Rending Claws
    -Adrenaline Glands (I)

    x3 Carnifexes
    : 113pts ea
    -2x Twin Linked Devouerers
    -Enhanced Senses


    Genestealersx7 : 112pts

    Hormagauntsx8 : 104pts
    -Adrenaline Glands (I)
    -Toxin Sacs

    Termagantsx8 : 40pts

    Heavy Support
    x3 Carnifexes : 210pts ea
    -Venom Cannon
    -Scything Talons
    -Enhanced Senses
    -Extended Carapace
    -Bonded Exoskeleton
    -Adrenaline Glads (WS)

    Total: 1499

    Basically the tactic is My heavy 'Fexes make a wall at the front, with the 3 Elite 'Fexes flank. The rest of my army huddles behind my 3 big Carnifexes (unless there is ordinance around) And the 'Fexes take the shots. My Tyrant runs around shooting the crap outta whatever she gets a shot on. She is basically a Distraction from the Carnifexes that are marching up the board. By the time I get to the middle of the board my Fexes have probably taken 5 wounds total. And then the flood gates open, and all the little guys pour out. And usually get the charge on whatever they want. The Warriors just stick close to the little ones to give them synaps but still try to stay behind the big ol' fexes.

    So far my 3 elite carnifexes can whipe out a flank without getting into combat, and then go towards the middle to help out. They generally don't even take wounds because my Tyrant is running around annoying the crap out of my opponent, while my Heavy fexes are going right for the throat. I am excited to try this list against more opponents.


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    Well first of all, your hormagaunts don't need those upgrades, ESPECIALLY at such a low squad size because they will get blown to bits easily before they can do anything you should get rid of the upgrades and use the points to buy more termagants and hormagaunts because those squad sizes are too small (even if you hide behind your 'fexes the enemy will still find a way to easily shoot at them i.e. fast vehicles or moving to the side until the fexes are no longer in the way). Your three heavy 'fexes should either be all shooty or all assaulty. And I don't think they'd make back their points as all assaulty so i would get rid of all those assaulty upgrades and replace scything talons with a barbed strangler, also definatley consider giving them reinforced chitin because it is generally the most cost-effective defensive upgrade. Also consider giving your stealers extended carapace so they don't get shot to hell by bolters. This is just what I THINK you should do so they're just suggestions. You don't have to do what I suggested but they will improve your survivability and killing abilities. It's your army so tailor it the way you want so that you will enjoy playing with it.
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