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    2000 Mech Tau (IG, SM, Cron enemyies)

    Howdy, well im worken on two different armies at the moment. My Tau and my little bros/my necron army. I perfer to play an extremely mobile tau army and i have my army fairly balanced but im not sure what to use to fill the gaps.

    So far I using

    Shas'el (multi tracker, stim injector, target array, fusion, plasma)
    His role is to solo harass the enemy and target heavy infantry and vehicals dumb enough to get close.

    x2 full XV8 teams ('vre upgrade, bonded, multitracker, missle pod, plasma)
    Thier role is to target mid to heavy infantry

    x3 full firewarror squads ('ui upgrade, bonded, Devilfish transport, decoy launchers, felishete discharger)
    My favorite part of the army, I use the fire warrors to move to objectives/destroy enemy fire bases.

    x3 railheads (disruption pod, decoy launchers, multitracker)
    Obviously targets tanks or tight groups of light infantry threatening a different part of the army.

    This brings me to 1601, with one elite slot, one hq, and three troops. Im not a huge fan of pirahanas or the alied races (kroot, vespid, human auxilaries)

    So to fill this gap in my 2000 point army should I take units to specificaly combat my main emeny (IG) with a unit of battle suits equipt with flamer and burst cannon. Or should i go for a couple units of stealth suits to be a thorn in my opponents side.

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    If IG is your main opponent then try using a full squad of stealth and two squads of gundrones, that's about 372 pts. The stealth can be infiltrated and used to harass/eliminate heavy weapons teams and the drones can be deep struck for the same purpose, maybe even rear armor blasting. Assaulting IG with drones is fun, they actually have performed quite well for me, they sure help to silence a few of those big guns. With the remaining points you could put SMS on the 'fish.

    You may want to think about using a pair of deathrain squads instead of the fireknifes, they are going to do a better job at taking out armor, well up to AV12 anyway. Reduce the number to 2 each and use the points to add another HQ or a third gun drone squad, I love gun drones. Make one of them a team leader and give him a target lock so you have the option of spliting fire when needed. Two twinlinked shots hitting on 3+ is sweet.

    Your HQ is going to have to get awfully close to alot of instakilling weapons to use that fusion blaster, a fire knife setup might be better, stim injector won't help here. I know he has the IC status that can keep him untargeted for a while but to be close enough to use the fusion blaster he is probably the closest one to the enemy. Or use the helios setup and the gundrone circle of death tactic that is being heralded lately, I need to try that some day.

    The disruption pods on the HHs are a good idea when facing an enemy with tons of firepower. A crew stunned or first turn hit could mean a penetrating hit from the next shot, d-pods help to reduce the chance of that happening.

    The flechette dischargers are kind of a waste on IG, I doubt anyone will try to assault a devilfish.

    Good luck, IG can be a real pain sometimes.

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