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    Shooty 'Nids - 2'500 Pts.

    I play Tau, but I've been thinking of getting into 'Nids when I'm done. My friends also plays 'Nids, so I have some familiarity, and I've read the Codex before.
    When just thinking about making some, I figured it'd be best to give a gun to everything that can hold one (mostly Devs), but that numbers are important, too. I made a list, but after reading a thread (the Shooty 'Nids thread), I've modified it. Anyways, here it is:

    Hive Tyrant: ES(BS) EC TS TL-Dev2 [146 Pts]
    Hive Tyrant: Same as above

    Warriors: ES(BS) TS TL-Dev (x3) [155]
    ... 1 Heavy Warrior (with Barbed Strangler)
    Warriors: Same as above
    Warriors: Same as above

    Gaunt Brood: TS Dev (x17) [170]
    Troop Choices 2-5: Same as above
    Ripper Swarm: ES(BS) FH TS SF (x3) [51]

    Fast Attack:
    Ravener: ST2 SF (x3) [132]
    Ravener: Same as above.
    Bio-Acid Spore Mine Cluster: [36]

    Carnifex: ES(BS) EC FH RC BS VC [189]
    Carnifex: Same as above, except minus Flesh Hooks [188]
    Zoanthrope: Warp Blast (x3) [165]

    Anything with a Devourer will move up first turn, and start unloading (including the Heavy Warriors). All those shots will force the enemy to take too many saves. While the Gaunts screen the bigger stuff, the Rippers will move forward and force the enemy to split there fire, or get assaulted. Raveners will DS and get in an assault, while the Spore Mines will try to land on an enemy vehicle (though I'm thinking one squad of mines might not be able to do it by themselves). The Carnifexes will take out enemy vehicles (and troops if there are none left), while the Zoanthropes work their magic on vehicles, too, or troops (AP3 Blast :happy: ).

    This army is exactly 2,500 Points, uses all 17 FOC slots, and consists of 117 models.

    So, how does it look?

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    Victory \ Draw \ Defeat

    Credit to Legionnaire for the bars.

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    Warriors: ES(BS) TS TL-Dev (x3) [155]
    ... 1 Heavy Warrior (with Barbed Strangler)
    I would suggest not twin-linking the dev's give them scything talons instead, at least that way if your charged by your opponent you stand some chance of fighting back.

    Gaunt Brood: TS Dev (x17) [170]
    You might as well just buy hormagaunts. Get spinegaunts, gaunts shouldn't be shooting, they should be charging forward to assault.

    Ripper Swarm: ES(BS) FH TS SF (x3
    I would drop the toxin sacs, and flesh hooks in favor of leaping. Shoot your opponent, and then charge him, its then possible to do some damage to a squad.

    Ravener: ST2 SF (x3) [132]
    You have to write out the biomorphs. Simple as that. Took me too much brain power to figure out spine fists. Scything talons x 2? Drop the spinefists, and don't deepstrike, turn one on the table charge forward. Thats how they work best. Drop a set of scything talons for rending claws, they do more damage.

    Bio-Acid Spore Mine Cluster: [36]
    Not worth the points get another ravener.

    Zoanthrope: Warp Blast (x3) [165]
    Or use the points from the mine cluster to get these guys synapse creature.

    While the Gaunts screen the bigger stuff,
    Gaunts can't really screen big stuff, they can screen your warriors and zoanthropes but thats it.

    he Rippers will move forward and force the enemy to split there fire
    Its 3 rippers, its not enough on the charge, even with shooting to do anything against any decent sized squad.

    Raveners will DS and get in an assault
    Don't d/strike raveners, it leaves them open to shooting, and with their poor save your likely to lose them before you get a chance to charge with them.

    while the Spore Mines will try to land on an enemy vehicle
    I would suggest not trying this, don't forget you'll drift, so getting exact hits will be hard, then depending on armour, you may not even touch it.
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