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    DE Kill Team - Incubi + warriors

    "Hashel was irritated. Not only was she being sent from her Lord's side for a suicide mission, but he ordered her to bring two warriors with her to act as 'fire support.' Their hunger for battle was visible, but there was no sign of the self-restraint she beaten into her incubi long ago. Of course, to ensure the warriors did not spoil their approach by opening fire the second they saw a target, she bound the triggers of their splinter cannons. One of them was tampering with her knots even now, doubtless hoping she would fail to notice.

    Leaning back and pretending to stretch, she grasped her punisher in one hand and smoothly decapitated the offending warrior, ensuring the blade passed below the helmet but above the shoulder pads. Flicking the blood off the blade, she picked up the fallen warrior's splinter cannon and put it in the hands of the nearest servant/slaves. Gesturing to the still-usable armour on the cooling corpse, she walked up to the flickering webway portal and tried to peer through to the other side.

    A slave would undoubtably prove a worse shot than a trained warrior, but would at least be cowed enough to hold fire until given permission."

    I've been thinking about playing a few kill team games lately, and this is what I've come up with, using the HQ retinue as a base.

    1 Incubi Master w. plasma grenades and gruesome talismans
    3 x Incubi
    2 x Warriors with splinter cannons.
    BackStabbers (I mean, really. Dark Eldar!)
    Two mutable rules broken (for splinter cannons)

    It's a lot more flavourful than a 10 man warrior squad + sybarite, though it's probably more difficult to play as well.

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