The gobbling of planets has come to a halt. I have decided to re-work my list for a more balanced feel. I certainly had a lot of guards which brought about a lot of problems so I wanted to correct that crippling aspect. How would I do that? Capitalize on what is most noted in a nid army, swarms. More problems have arrived due to that, so I need some help working out the bugs…yes that was a pun.

HQ: 298
2x HT: TS, ES, Dakka, VC

Elite: 339
3x Gun Fex

Troop: 720
3x24 Spine Gaunts: 120
3x6 GS w/ EC: 120

Heavy: 491
2x Sniper Fex w/ no upgrades
1x3 Thropies: Synapses and WB

Total: 1848
Models: 100

It works like a basic Zilla stomp list: clump up and shoot everything to bits while the tar pits and GS tie up and hack-in-slash.

My two concerns:
Whether I have enough Synapses for 72 Gaunts?

Both of my tyrants flop dead due to my opponents first turn return fire in hopes to scramble my swarm because I have no Guards?

Or am I just being pessimistic because my swarm elements will tie up most of the troops while the vehicles are being stalled with all of my big bug shooting power; thus, leaving my troops to do as they please and allows enough time for my stompy troops to catch up and provide Synapses?