1750 Psych-out Army - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1750 Psych-out Army

    HQ 1
    Hive Tyrant
    Winged, ST, TS, VC, ES, Warp Field

    Hive Tyrant
    ST, TS, VC, EC, Psychic Scream
    Tyrant Guard x 2

    Elite 1
    Lictor x 3

    Elite 2
    Warrior x 6
    ES, TS, Deathspitter x 5, Barbed Strangler, Spine Fists x 6

    Troops 1
    'Stealers x 6

    Troops 2
    'Stealers x 6

    Fast Attack 1
    Warriors x 3
    Winged, AG (I), AG (WS), TS, FH, RC, ST

    Fast Attack 2
    Spore Mine Cluster
    Frag x 3

    Fast Attack
    Toxin x 3

    Heavy 1
    Bio-acid mines

    Heavy 2
    Zoanthrope x 3
    Warpblast x3 and Psychic Scream x 3

    Heavy 3
    ES, Barbed Strangler, ST, EC, Mace Tail

    All of this comes up to 1747.

    I am hoping to be able to keep my opponent off-balance with the Lictors and the Spore Mines. Plus having a flying tyrant coupled with a walking tyrant should make my opponent have to make some tough decisions on targeting choices.

    I am looking to really screw with the LD of my opponents with the Psychic Screams. Mwahahaha Even LD 10 become LD 7. This combined with Shadow in the Warp should really mess with enemy psykers.

    I have some assault units with the stealers and the winged warriors. The Lictors can obviously mix it up (although not that long), and the carnifex can do some damage by the time it gets in there.
    I have some fire support with my warrior squad, the STR 8 Barbed Strangler 0:, and Warp Blasts of the 'thropes. I have a lot of blast template weapons which should help me out since I don't have a lot of numbers.

    I love the fact that I will have 6 x STR 8 Venom Cannon shots from the tyrants. The biovore will also drop some bio-acid love down on armor. Of course what I would really like to have happen is getting my Carnifex up close to enemy armor.

    I am hoping that the psychological aspects of the Lictors, Biovore, Deep-Striking Spore Mines, two monstrous Creatures with 2+ saves, plus the walking tyrant with guards, AND my personal favorite...RENDING CLAWS. This should hopefully make my opponent sweat.

    Let me know what you think about this list.

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    can you post it so i can read it with out taking 15 minutes o.o?

    and take out the point values of each upgrade

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