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Thread: Another 2k list

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    Another 2k list

    Yes I know you said to stay nearer to 1k but I much prefer making the 2k list so I know what Im heading for >.>

    Anyways here we go:::

    1 Asdrubael Vect ------ love the model & the extra ravanger

    1 Dracon
    -Shadowfield, C Drugs, Punisher, Tormenter Helm
    -5 Incubi
    -1 Incubi Master - C Drugs
    -Raider - Disintergrater, Nightshields, Scaling Nets

    10 Wytches
    -Wytch weapons, Haywire & Plasma Grenades
    -Succubus - Agonizer, CCW, C Drugs
    -Raider - Disintergrater, Nightshields, Scaling Nets

    4 x 10 Raiders
    -Dark Lance (squads) Disintergrater (Raider)
    -Night Shields

    3x Ravanger
    -1 Dark Lance, 2 Disintergrater
    -Night Shields

    total - 1991

    The Inquisition - 38-2-3

    Tomb Kings - 1-1-1

    Grey Company Elves - 16-1-3

    Saurons Force of the Black - 8-1-3

    It's better to reign in hell than to serve in heaven

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    I'd argue not towards taking Asdruubal Vect, mostly 'cause you can't take an uber powered up archon with him.
    Drop all of the night shields on the raiders. You'll either be in the opponenet's face with these, negating their effects, or you'll be in range of heavy weapons. Either way, you're pretty much paying for nothing. Night shields on ravagers is a different story and completely acceptable.
    That drachon does not need a bunch of power wargear. He's surrounded by a retinue of the most hard-core killers in CC, he doesn't need to be over the top.
    You definitely want a second wytche squad, mostly to give you more CC power, essential in most DE lists.
    Your warrior squads need re-tuning. You'll need at least two sniper squads. Currently, your hamstringing yourself by taking 10 man raider squads with a single dark lance. Basically, either take only five, or drop the raider and take two DLs. In addition, I'd re-kit your warriors for CC/close shooting support.
    Your ravagers would be better off with three disentagraters.

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