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Thread: 500p friendly

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    500p friendly

    Hello (again) everyone! This weekend I'm playing my friends' armies, and I'm thinking of shocking them with lots of gaunts, to really freak them out / have some laughs 8X

    From my limited understanding, 'nids do fairly badly in small-point games, but here's my try to make a fun list. It's not really good against armoured foes, but I'm playing a SM-player (terminators will be brought), necron (usual warrior/lord combo I suppose) and tau (he likes suits, but have not played any games yet.).

    The list:

    1x1 dakkatyrant (ES, 2xtw Dev, TS) 121p
    1x3 dakkawarriors (ES, EC, 2x Dev, TS) 114p
    6x8 spinegaunts 200p
    1x1 zoanthrope (WB, synapse) 65p
    total: 500p

    It's a swarmy dakkalist (MVBrandt'd, . I really liked how my 1000p list based around devourers worked, outnumbering everything and dakkafying any threat etc).

    Should I try to be a little more competative ( Could add another tyrant and get rid of warriors and a squad of spinegaunts), or could this list be balanced and gimmicky enough to be both fun to play with and possibly win with?

    Thanks in advance 8Y

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    Quote Originally Posted by pen View Post
    6x8 spinegaunts 200p
    This is 240, not 200
    Nothing to see here, please move along.
    Thank you.

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