1500 Deep Striking Slaver Squads - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    1500 Deep Striking Slaver Squads

    I think I have gone kinda nuts and blew a gasket when dreaming up this list. The funny thing is the more I think about it the more enjoyable it seems - I pretty much gave up my inhabitions and threw out all the practical mantra we spew out daily and came up with this.

    Lets just digest that this is an *unorthodox* list and lets pretend I know what is a good choice and what isn't. This list appears fluffy fun and just feels right to me. Here goes:

    #1 HQ Raider
    Archon, Punisher, HG, PG, SF, CD, TH, TR, GT, Animus. 163
    5 Grotesques 75
    Raider, DL, horrorfex, screaming jets, trophy rack 85

    Okay, I got an Archon tooled up to take on the world by himself. The grotesques are primarily there to give the Archon a raider AND allow the Archon to separate when he wants to (maybe he does and maybe he doesn't). My thought was against Marines the Archon would eventually separate from the grots and just run around freely like the white rabbit in Monty Pythons Holy Grail. Against non-marines and non-fearless armies then keeping the Archon with the grots would be nice but still not really necessary. The grots are primarily a meatshield and even if the raider crashes when it first appears the grots will not only give the Archon the lovely DE's "feel no pain" rule but also share a 4+ cover save in the wreckage (in other words the grots are merely a launch pad).

    I will discuss all the raider transports and the upgrades at the end of the post.

    #2 HQ Raider
    Urien Rakkarth 100
    5 Uber Grotesques 75
    Raider, DL, horrorfex, slave snares, screaming jets 90

    Now I have been looking to use Urien in a list and my reasoning in using him here is two-fold. I wanted to use him before he gets deleted from the next codex AND I think he is better in 1500 than in a 2000 point list. Its a personal feeling but with all the special characters other codices have and the increased appearance of them made me want to sport this guy in a fluffy 1500 rather than a competitive list at 2000 (I take 2000 point games seriously).

    Now this HQ is going to be used a little different than the Archon. Urien is going to stay on the raider and just zip around pinning, flaming and snaring as much as possible. Thats right, he is going to stay on the Raider until he crashes. The uber grotesques are just there to do the same as the grots on the Archon raider and just provide protection. If they get into CC then great but I am going to preserve Urien in a shooting role as long as possible.

    Wych Raider

    5 Wyches, 2 blasters, WW, HG 95
    1 Succubus, Ag, SP, WW, HG and GoS 50
    Raider, DL, horrorfex, slave snares, screaming jets 90

    Yes, cheesy I know but I think the balance here is that there is only one wych squad and there is only 6 of them. I used to think the whole GoS think as powergaming but I have used it 2 or 3 times now and my opponents like the idea of hitting these ladies on "3's" but you and I know that is not their primarily target - they are for popping armor. They are a mini-ravager in that they will be used aggressively as in deepstriking behind armor or to the side to get a better chance of popping armor (yes, they will have to deepstrike near the tank in question but I am throwing caution to the wind!). They will of course prefer shooting the tank first but for those stubborn tanks, monoliths or land raider crusaders there is a chance to use the goblet (a small chance, I know). Otherwise, they are another agoniser that can hit fancy HQ units on a "3".

    Slaver Squad 1

    9 Warriors, blaster, splinter cannon, rifle
    1 Sybarite, ag, sp, xenospasm
    Raider, DL, horrorfex, slave snares, screaming jets 90

    I love this squad - built for one purpose to pin at all costs, rapid fire and rake over with slave snares (rinse and repeat cycle). I have used this squad for over a year now and is by far the most dynamic, fluffy, talked about unit I use. It pure DE in that taking slaves is the name of the game and its what we do best - this unit symbolizes it. It has on occasion been given other duties to just pop armor or tie-up a unit but in those situations the unit has always preformed well. After the turn it deepstrikes, the squad usually disembarks in order to charge what they can't pin - I just may keep them on the raider longer.

    Slaver Squad 2 & 3

    9 Warriors, blaster, splinter cannon, rifle
    1 Sybarite, ag, sp,
    Raider, DL, horrorfex, slave snares, screaming jets 90

    So this mimics the 1st slaver squad and you will notice I didn't spend the points on terrorfexs for the sybarites. My experience with pinning is that usually only 1 slaver squad will actually pin and although I didn't give up the horrorfexs (which is a good buy anyway) I decided that 30 points was better spent elsewhere (go figure). These 2 squads will have double duty but will be mostly focused on Armor. So I have a wych squad and 2 slaver squads to deal with armor first and let the Archon, Urien and Slaver #1 to deal with non-armor (3 vs armor, 3 vs infantry). If these units need to they can always disembark to provide more targets and have a better chance of surviving return fire (but I still would like to keep them on the raider as long as possible).

    So lets look at the strategy I was planning on and the wargear for the raiders:

    Now this list is a friendly list and I know I will be gauranteed to be able to deepstrike so please leave the "Alpha" level hurdle at home. If someone wanted to use this list for tournaments then I would just suggest trading the screaming jets for night shields and be done with it - coming out of reservers in escalation is fine as long as you got night shields. But for arguements sake lets pretend we all play friendly games and the majority of games played are usually gamma level.

    Deepstriking - I know, its not recommended, its too expensive, too vulrenable and just a bad idea on a cardboard box with a jet...I know. But if there was anything that screams Dark Eldar its 6 fully loaded cardboard boxes screaming out of the sky with one purpose and thats to take everyone as slaves. So I surrendered common sense and embraced the whole idea of nothing starting on the board and taking prisoners (which the grots can help with as well). In my other attempts at deepstriking I will admit 2 things severely going against this working and from experience I can say both scattering and reserve rolling will be my biggest enemy.

    Archon's Raider, DL, horrorfex, screaming jets, trophy rack 85

    So lets look at the Archon's raider - its a little different as I figured I didnt want it to snare prisoners. I did have 10 spare points and figured trying the Trophy Rack on the Raider fell in line with what I wanted the squad to do. If any squad could take the most prisoners it would be the Archon with Grotesques - the trophy racks are there to help the Archon mostly as the grots really dont need the help (kinda wasted but oh well).

    Raider, DL, horrorfex, slave snares, screaming jets 90

    Now this is the standard load out on the remaining units and its pretty much the same tactic - drop in, pin what you can, shoot what you can and pray you get a good scatter where not everyone can see you. This is tough, I have done this before and pretty much it comes down to maybe one or two places on a board that are safe to drop into. When 3 or more raiders come in I have had to place them in vulrenable positions or into positions that are safe but give no advantage.

    As for the slave snares - with a lot experience with them I have found usually 1 raider will actually have the chance of to use them. When it does get used I find I can usually get 1 marine (the last game I had I took one assault marine worth 22 points). Does it pay itself off? Only for the one raider that actually snares something - the others are usually wasted.

    Here is a link to a pic that I snared a zoanthrope by pure chance. I am sure the raider got a little more than they bargained for! This was in a coven list fighting a VERY competitive Tyranid list but we enjoyed the diversity of the coven list and yes, the horrorfexs and terrorfexs were wasted against this enemy (would have loved to trade the horrorfexs for disintegrators but that would be "tailoring" (something I despise people doing!).


    So what say you? Have I gone mad like Urien? Do you hate it? Or do you have something to add to the fuffyness? Its okay if you hate it, most people hate geniuses

    I have also made a list where I dropped Urien & grots and put in the Decapitator & Mandrakes - not as devilish but certainly a "safer" option than a deepstriking HQ!

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    I think its a great idea, especially since I've been messing with the same kind of idea.

    I play 1000 pt games normally, and instead of wyches, grotesques, and an archon, I put a haemonculus on each of 4 raiders, with a squad and a slave-taking, deepstriking raider.

    This adds more pin-ability, and I simply had the plan of pinning EVERYTHING, using blasters and dark lances on vehicles, and then running over enemy units. Same plan as yours, except I really never considered grotesques or CC.

    I like it though! See, you're not the only crazy one!

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