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    2000 Tau (First try)

    Hello! my first try at tau (and first time on LO)

    Since I will be getting tau soon, wanted to see how my list making skills are

    2000 Tau

    Shas'el w/ HW-MT, TA, PR, FB (97)
    Shas'el w/ HW-MT, TA, PR, MP (97)

    3 XV8 w/ TA, twin MP, bonded (164)
    3 XV8 w/ TA, twin PR, bonded (200)
    3 Stealth (90)

    11 FW w/ Shas'ui, bonded (135)
    11 FW w/ Shas'ui (130)
    - Devilfish w/ MT, TA, Decoy (100)
    11 FW w/ Shas'ui, ML, 2 Gun Drones, Bonded (165)
    11 FW w/ Shas'ui, ML, 2 Gun Drones, Bonded (165)

    7 PF w/ Shas'ui, 2 Gun Drones (126)
    - Devilfish w/ MT, TA, SMS, Decoy (140)
    Piranha w/ FB, TA (70)

    HH, Railgun, Decoy, BC, MT (165)
    HH, Railgun, Decoy, BC, MT (165)

    My plan was play more defensively, staying back except for the Piranha. The 2 larger FW squads would shoot first, and if any markerlights hit help the smaller 2. Gun drones in squads would only be to soak up wounds. Gun drones on tanks just be nuisances. HH at tanks, etc...

    Constructive criticism welcome! Gracias for the help

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    Your HQ is fine...

    I prfer not to take such large suit squads, but they are sound enough tactically, as long as there is a lot of cover. Don't bond them, its worthless and a waste of points because if they are reduced to 1 guy, it means that they are in combat and screwed anyway, or are being shot at and screwed as well. Players tend to concentrate a lot of fire on your suits if you make the mistake of leaving them in the open, so they will probably be killed in one turn. I would give the stealth team a fusion blaster, as its pretty cheap, very threatening (as in it will affect opponents deployment and movement, which can be worth the points even if it never shoots in the entire game), and will help give you more anti-tank/MC Which you lack a bit of.

    Your troops are ok, except drop the MT off the devilfish, it does absolutely nothing. As well, you don't need drones, they are more expensive than a fire warrior, so im not sure why you want to have them absorb shots ,and won't do much in fire warrior squad.

    Drop the drones on your pathfinders for the same reason above and drop the MT off the fish.

    Your HH's need target locks in order to not waste the burst cannon fire. With a target lock, you can railgun a tank and burst cannon the infantry closer to you.

    Other than that its pretty good...;Y

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