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    1500pts need some advise, need some wins!

    H.Q - 230

    Elites - 427
    10 x Howling banshees, Exarch, Executioner
    Wave serpent, T L Brightlance, Spirit stones, Vectored engines
    5 x Fire dragons

    Troops - 295
    5 x Pathfinders
    15 x Guardians, Scatter laser, Warlock, Conceal

    Heavy Support - 515
    Wraithlord, Brightlance, EML
    Falcon, Spirit stones, Holo feilds, Scatter laser, Shuriken cannon
    Falcon, Spirit stones, Holo feilds, Shuriken cannon, Shuriken cannon

    Total - 1467

    Following on from the PL in a falcon idea heres what ive come up with, some points left over to have a fiddle with.

    Idea is for a second turn charge with the banshees / dragons / PL going after their specific targets. HB goes after troops, FD goes after elites, MCs, tanks and Asurmen hunts ICs and heavy weapon squads.

    The general idea is that i DONT WANT TO WIN COMBAT THE TURN I CHARGE, just do enough damage to ensure mimimum casulties back. This blocks LOS to my tanks and forces the enemy to either join a long combat against my elites or hunt my hard - as - nails tanks thus losing the combats. Of course if i win combat positioning will be important to consolidate.

    Tanks from turn 2 become support fire power to the combats, picking of the next target on the squads hit list / or the troublesome targets. Solid block of infantry to hold my deployment zone / go for objectives / take potshots / move up to help combats.

    Mabye im wishful thinking to much so any and all comments welcome. Only thing i think i need is mabey a plan b if things go wrong. Mind you if i lose more than 1 transport in 1 turn of sooting ill cry! (Note to self :- stay away from assault cannons, i hate em!) :happy:

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    HQ: Very expensive but hard to kill. For simmilar points you could get an avatar and a dedicated farseer to follow it round casting fortune upon it. Rerollable 3+ armour or 4+ invulnerable saves and T6! I really think that Prince Yiriel would be a more cost effective version or even a biker autarch with lance.

    Banshees: Great unit and an exelent transport (a little expensive but it has a decent secondary role afrer taxi duty).

    Dragons: ok.

    Pathfinders: I don't think they are worth it. They don't kill things fast enough.

    Guardians: Wouldn't 10 DAs with blade storm work better? I suppose you need the warlock to prevent the wraithlord day dreaming.

    Wraithlord: Classic

    Falcons: Fine.
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