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    2000 pts balanced Eldar designed for newer player.

    Greetings, I'm designing an Eldar army from some excess Eldar models of mine for a new player. I want the army to be successful on the battlefield, and fun to play against any opponent. I don't have many extra models, but I do have a few more options that are listed after the list. Suggestions are welcome

    Avatar - 155
    Farseer w/ spirit stones, fortune, mind war - 125
    5 Warlocks w/ Destructor - 175

    6 Pathfinders - 144
    12 Guardians w/ Starcannon - 121
    12 Guardians w/ Starcannon - 121
    No Warlocks because all the Warlock models I have are tied up in the retinue.

    6 Harlequins (All kisses) - 132
    6 Fire Dragons (Exarch w/ firepike) - 116
    10 Striking Scorpions - Exarch w/ stalker, shadowstrike, biting blade - 202
    Have 10 Howling Banshees as well.

    1 Vyper w/ Scatter laser, shuriken cannon - 70
    Harassment unit

    1 Falcon w/ SE, VE, SS, HF, SL - 210 (Harlies)
    1 Falcon w/ SE, VE, SS, HF, SL - 210 (Dragons)
    1 Falcon w/ SE, VE, SS, HF, SL - 210 (Warlocks)

    Total: 1991

    Quick-fix strategy:
    -Avatar / Guardians / Farseer / (and to a lesser extent) Striking Scorpions; footslogging up the middle, ready to support.
    -Falcons drops unit close to enemy vulnerability.
    -Pathfinders, Vyper used as harassment units.

    -No warlock unit, convert a Falcon to a Waveserpent (have scorpions or banshees ride), include Wraithlord as 3rd heavy choice
    -More pathfinders
    -Dark Reapers
    -More Harlequins or more fire dragons

    Thanks in advance for any comments about the list or its effectiveness.

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    Ok first thing. I wouldn't suggest going to 2k for a new player. Lots to keep track of and in general it'll just take a whole lotta time to finish a game. Also runs the risk of coming up against things like nidzilla lists which migh be a disaster for the new player.

    But the list is generally good. I don't think I'd suggest star engines in general (since I'm pretty sure you can't use them while glanced due to the in lieu of shooting wording). But for a new player they can be fun. Ditto some of the other options. For example often the fire dragon exarc is frowned on as points inneficiant, but it lets a new player be off by a couple inches when they deploy and still get to hit. I'd expect the list to do fairly well so long as you're around to coach them.

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    I would drop 2 warlocks from the retinue and attach them to the guardian squads and give them conceal - makes the guardians a bit more survivable and 5 flamers in a unit is a little over the top.
    As it is for a new player I would follow sunnysides advice and drop the point size. 1k I found is a good starting point. Games don't take too long and you have enough variation in a list to get a general idea of how each unit works, and you don't come across too many 'nasties'.
    Therefore I would instead by looking at making 2 x 1000pt lists.
    Something like:
    Farseer with guide
    6 Fire Dragons - Exarch with Firepike
    5 Pathfinders
    12 Guardians - Starcannon, Warlock with conceal
    12 Guardians - Starcannon, Warlock with conceal
    Falcon - Vectored Engines, Spirit Stones, Scatter Laser
    some kind of close combat unit like banshees or harlies.
    Don't know what points level that comes out at - probably a bit over - but try a couple of 1k-ish lists out and let them get a feel of the game before going to 2k.
    Dovie'andi se tovya sagain (It's time to roll the dice)- Mattrim Cauthon

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    VEs and SEs on 3 Falcon cost 105 pts. I understand the point of zooming with them as transports, early in the game. However I think this costly investment might be reconsidered.

    The Star Cannons might be better on 2 Falcons (good combination with the Pulse Laser, same AP). Then Scatter Lasers with the Guardians (traditional choice...).

    Definitely put a Warlock (Conceal) in each of the Guardian units.

    If your Farseer + retinue go for assault, why not have Enhance ? Embolden can also be interesting if you follow RAW and re-roll all failed Leadership tests (including psy tests of the Farseer...).

    Dragon Exarch : the consensus here seems to be that he is a waste of points. Firepike tempts you to leave the unit out of range for the Fusion Guns, which is a waste.

    Harlequins : I like to have a Shadowseer; but then, I do not put them in a Falcon...

    Just my two bits...;Y

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    As stated by everyone else, a warlock in each Guardian squad is more ideal. They'll do more good there than in the retinue.

    I'd be tempted to keep the retinune (3 warlocks w/ destructor, ehance, embolden) with the farseer, and have them footslog with the Avatar and Scorpions. You can then drop a Falcon, and take your 10 Banshees as well.

    The list would have enough models to be pretty forgiving.
    "What do Humans know of our pain? We have sung songs of lament since before your ancestors crawled on their bellies from the sea."
    - Farseer Eldrad Ulthran of Craftworld Ulthwe

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