My current army (mostly made of what I had back in 3rd ed) has been ripping up IG, tau, and Orc but I'm running into drop pod marines and it's having a hard time. I'd much rather beat a marine general than anyone else so I think it's time to consider new models.

In commenting on this list keep the drop pods in mind. I could care less if I get beat by Dark Eldar for the first time. Only other consideration might be nidzilla which I'd also like to see fall.


3 prisms w holo,stones, (with two all I have to do is lose one and I lose ap3 pie plate capability.)

2 serpents with Vectored engines, stones, and starcannons. Full of dragons (one s8 ap1 shot is better than 3 s4 ap5 shots against MEQ, especially termies and especially when SW armor save re-roll wargear and the like shows up. I worry a little that I'm wasting points on the starcannon upgrades. But if they survive they could cannon marines from outside their range.)

2x 3 man jetbike squads with one cannon each (I need troops and they can turbo at beginning and harasss from just outside of marine range. Also they might be able to turbo boost to set up drop pod denial spots to try and keep the things out of the worst spots. For example when deployed after moving the fire dragons would all be in a line. So I could put the bikes where they'd like to drop their heavy flamer unit.)

jetbike farseer with mind war and spear

one scatter vyper
one star vyper

1500pts even

Idea is to have rear armor face impassable terrain or the board edge to keep marines off of it. Hopefully I survive the drop attacks with few casualties and then retailiate with MEQ busting firepower. Since they're coming to me I could try to set up things where I can drop dragons into cover and fire on the marines from there, then hope I don't have a heavy flamer unit land next to them after that.

In the late game long range weapons fire at now footslogging marines from a safe distance and dragon bombers swoop in to finish off wounded units.

Not sure about shorter range farseer, but could be good and can be screened by turboing jetbikes or merge with dragons that have just deployed.

I also worry about the pricey serpent units. Not that dragons are pricier than DA with an exarc. But still that's a hair over 300 points all in one basket. And with the punishing rules for crashing I could effectively lose it all in one hit. It's tempting to figure I won't usually got to plink away at marines outside their range and just switch to shuri cannons givingme 50 points to play with. Or add underslung cannons and have 30 points left for something else.

Looking for advice on the list, on techniques. Also just say if you don't think I'm going the right direction to beat pods.