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    Release the Hounds

    How do you resolve "release the hounds" on multiple assaults?


    My 32 man hound pack (12 kroot, 20 hounds) has managed to charge two marine tactical squads. Once assaults are over, the kroot find themselves to have won and the marines test for morale.

    Sadly enough they fail theri Ld roll and must flee.

    The kroot will automatically consolidate and not pursue, but they can release the hounds, hoping to catch any remaining stragglers... does:

    a) each tactical squad have to face 20 hound attacks or
    b) the hounds have to be split amongst the two units?

    RAW I think that "a" should apply: the rule says that any unit fleeing from an assault that contained hounds must sustain a single hit per hound in the unit, although fluffwise it doesn't realle make any sense... there are more enemies so for some absurd reason the hounds manage to get more hits in?

    How do you guys play it?

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    Hooray someone is actually posting in the KM section. It's been so long. I'm pretty sure they make their attacks for each squad running away. So if you have 8 hounds and 2 enemy squads are fleeting you get 16 special hound attacks. I need to recheck though.
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    Thats quite a tricky one! Cant belive ive never come across this situation before

    I dare say that you would get hits on every squad equal to how many hounds you have. (20 attacks on each squad falling back if you have 20 hounds). My Reason for saying this is because of the old 4.0.1 FAQ for the old Tau codex.

    At that point the Tau still had the same kroot hound rules as the Mercs list. The Faq for the release the hounds states.

    "Kroot hounds - Release the hounds - If an enemy unit that is beaten in close combat by a Kroot unit (and has failed its moral check) successfully manages to break off from a Kroot unit containing Kroot Hounds, each Kroot Hound Inflicts a single, automatic Strength 4 Hit."

    Now i know this is a fairly old FAQ but its still relevent to the rule as it has not changed since this FAQ was writen. I know this seems to make Release the Hounds quite powerfull however i cant find any other reference that states another way of using it.

    Hope it helps
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